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Tricks of the Trade: Rhyming Prompts

Tricks of the Trade: Rhyme Scheme and Internal Rhymes

Inspired By...

Behind The Beats: Skipless

M-Dot & Dj Jean Maron - Tap Out

Cane - You Don't Hear Me Tho

Behind The Beats: JR of (JR & PH7)

Behind The Beats: Muneshine

Suli Breaks - R.I.P. (Spoken Word Video)

My Recording Setup

T.E.F.L.O.N. – Races (feat. Mina Leon, Ancient Mind, Praverb The Wyse) (Prod. by IDK)

Skipless - The Travelers Ghost

Behind The Beats: T. Dragonette

Mykestro - Hammertyme

Memorization Techniques 2

Memorization Techniques

Behind The Beats: Alkota Beats

Behind The Beats: Centric

My Imagination...

Alkota Beats: Making Beats With Alkota

Behind The Beats: Vinyl Frontiers

Review rating scale...

Kil Beats - Through The Wire (Review)

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