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My Imagination...

These verses were inspired by Last Emperor's The Great Pretender. I just used my imagination to present these What If based thoughts. I am posting this because I do not think I will ever record this haha. Let me know what you think.

It's sad times we're living in, feels like I'm giving in
No reinforcement, equals no discipline
Elevated mind state, no mention of simpletons
Old ways reflect known sage of senior citizens//
So I travel daily, learn on my escapades
Grip the iPod, next second I'm pressing play
Drifting to another time, planet or galaxy
Pondering those who were planning a fallacy//
A horseman, known for disbanding the cavalry
Or a wizard with powers that were granted magically
With my imagination, I am a ghost or a goblin
A TV host, known for jokes or train robbing//
A cartoon villain that catches the Roadrunner
Comforted Zeus and somehow I stole thunder
All flashy and classy, sitting in a Chrome Hummer
Mind is a telephone book, no need for phone

I can pretend to be the president, chilling in the White House
Drinking Coca Cola while spitting Dew and Sprite out
Write an article with no flaws, no white out
Poke your eyes out, I have my own hide out//
Freestyle is never scripted, I spit lyrics
My presence and aroma make it seem like I'm scented
Not demented, my dimensions are extensive
I'll ace any test, spelling or comprehensive//
...Skipping school, I slipped in the ooze
Mr. T attitude, somehow I just pity the fool
Making a Band something like Diddy would do
My electric bill compares to what the city would use//
A linebacker or computer rhyme hacker
My mind fractured, gave birth to eight or nine rappers
Paternal instinct, I'm in sync with the ruckus
Langston with a gavel, now that's Poetic Justice//


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