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Kil Beats - Through The Wire (Review)

This beat tape was sitting in my inbox the other day and I decided to review it. The beat-tape, presented by Kil, incorporates elements of the hit show The Wire. The first beat that I listened to was "Rules Of The Game (Omar's Coming)." The beat reminded me of the Big Payback and sounded like it should be used in a Blaxploitation film. The next two beats are very nice and present elements of street life. The latter, "I Can Get You Guns," sounds funky in it's presentation and Kil does an excellent job of incorporating a Nas sound byte. The "No Need To Stand Tall" Interlude has some sound bytes from The Wire (sounds like an old man got shot because he kept his mouth closed). "What Happens If We Buck" continues to enforce the theme of using sound bytes from the show over Kil's production. The project continues to gather steam and showcases the production ability of Kil.

The latter part of the beat tape boasts an array of gems: "Could Be Wrong" Interlude, "Zombie Master," "Save My Soul," "2 Minute Warning," "Legacy's Hustle," and "Rat." "Zombie Master" and "Save My Soul" are awesome because they are soul driven productions that sound reminiscent of something that 9th Wonder would conjure. Vocal tracks are presented from track 16 to the conclusion of the project. The standout track in my opinion comes from Stevan Smith and it is called "Legacy's Hustle." The rapper presents an entertaining hustler's tale over a hypnotic beat by Kil.

This project is very enjoyable and it introduces the audience to the production range of Kil. This project is pieced together very well and you can tell that Kil was very meticulous in regards to selecting the best sound bytes and beats to match the sound bytes from The Wire. I would have loved to hear more beat switch ups and maybe shortened sound bytes.



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