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Tricks of the Trade: Rhyme Scheme and Internal Rhymes

For this version of Tricks of the Trade I decided to speak on rhyme scheme and internal rhyming. Rhyme scheme refers to the rhyming lines of your poem or writing (in this case rap verse). Internal rhyming refers to rhyme that occurs within a line or a bar. The verse that I decided to present is an old verse for a collab with my homie The Soul Occs (Dj Soulclap and Tony Tigerstyle). I do not believe that the track has been released yet, so enjoy the written verse. The rhyme scheme will be indicated with an open parenthesis and a letter inside the closed parenthesis. The end rhyme words will be italicized. The internal rhyming words will be bolded. Enjoy!

My mind's crafted from spitting these rhyme patterns (A)
Snatching vertebrates, that's a lot of spineless rappers (A)
Time's factored, that means that it's split up (B)
When things get physical, you won't even get up (B)
I don't talk or brawl, If you claim you walking tall (C)
I'll stick my foot out, just for you to trip up (B)
PT style, I do push ups and chin ups (B)
A bear hug will probably make your ribs touch (B)
...Go ahead dis-cuss, don't even diss us (B)
palm to your nose, you can't even sniff us (B)
We vicious, your scent we gonna pick up (B)
and burn you alive, like the aftermath of a Witch Hunt (B)
It's Praverb, Teamed up with Tony T. (D)
and Soulclap, y'all dudes are phony G's (D)
We raw, like potato skins (E)
We fat on these tracks, y'all dudes be staying slim (E)


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