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Behind The Beats: Skipless

First and foremost, who is Skipless...

I'm 19 year old dude from Finland, little town called Ikaalinen. Just normal dude with MPC and turntables in his bedroom!

You have previously released two instrumental projects through Dusted Wax Kingdom (Jazzamentals and Rooftops). How did the connection with Dusted Wax Kingdom come about?

First I released Jazzamentals by myself, but after few days or so Dusted Wax Kingdom's owner-A&R-promoter-manager-robot Dimitar contacted me via MySpace and he wanted to release Jazzamentals.

When I was making the Rooftops project I made a deal with DWK that they would release the project. Shout out to Dimitar, always looking out for the artists!

I contributed a song to your new project and I wanted to know what was the motivation to create the new project and how will it be distributed?

My dude Infamous Jean Claude made the graphic booklet for Rooftops. He gave me idea to make another instrumental EP for the upcoming summer. After swapping ideas and thoughts one emcee called Erick ARC Elliott from Brooklyn got involved with the project. So I thought that I would need more emcees for the project! Unfortunately in the end Erick did not have the time to record for this project, but I do understand, that dude always has a million things going on!

First I planned that this would be a commercial release, maybe even released as vinyl... There were a few well known Finnish emcees, but people kept disappearing. The only other person on the project besides you is Concrete Cee from Germany. He is a great emcee and person, very humble and a nice guy. Anyway, now this will be a free web-release. I spoke to Dimitar to see if DWK wants to release this project but I haven't received a response yet.

The internet has made it possible for numerous people to collaborate from different countries. How has the internet helped you in terms of beat making and networking?

I would not have any contacts without the internet. I really don't know how I would collaborate with emcees without the internet. The internet is a really good tool for promoting music.

I have found a lot of good underground hip-hop from the internet, that has influenced my production.

Describe the Finnish hip-hop scene in one sentence

30% good, 70% bad.

Being that I have a limited history of Finnish hip-hop could you please introduce me to some artists from Finland?

Megaphone state is greatest thing in Finnish scene in a while! Ekow is a great emcee and SimonSound is on point with the beats. Gracias is also a great emcee as well. Staffro and Maramice are the top Finnish producers in my opinion.

What are your goals for the next five years?

It would be great to earn a living with my music, but it is hard to make anything creative under pressure. I just try to get my name out and make a lot of beats. If I'm lucky, maybe I earn some money...

So I try to get a meaningful job and then keep doing whatever I want to as an artist.

I read on your website that you were inspired by Pete Rock, Large Pro, Lord Finesse, and others. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses of your production?

I always struggle with drums. Sometimes I spend few hours trying to find the right drum sounds and another few hours to program those damn sounds! I don't really know what my strength is. Mixing is the easiest part of producing, but I'm not saying that it is easy for me!

Who would you like to collaborate with and what are you currently working on?

If Nas would wrote a verse over my beat, that would be nicest thing ever! But yeah, to be realistic, I like to collaborate with good emcees! If you are good, you will be noticed. My next project will be out in March 1st, so be on the lookout for that one!

How can people get in contact with you?

Email is maybe best way to contact me; skipless2000@gmail.com
My homepage

Please all the rappers who need beats, contact me! I will reply to all the messages, and I'm glad to have new contacts!

And thanks a lot to Praverb for giving me the opportunity for this interview! It is always great to have people like you around!


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