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I originally wrote this song to a beat from Dirty Hairy. I decided to present it to the masses because I wanted to go another direction with the beat. The verses shed light on what I am inspired by and why I will continue to write. The inspirational image was originally presented HERE.

I am inspired by life, inspired by the light
Inspired by the senses
Taste, sound, and sight
Inspired by religion, inspired by my pension
Inspired by the praise, applause, and recognition//
Inspired by nice writing and even poetry
Inspired by fans who haven't heard or notice me
Inspired by...the willingness, to get better
Inspired by various books, I spit clever//
Inspired by Skyzoo, inspired by Phonte
Inspired by Talib Kweli and even Dante (Mos Def)
Inspired by Black Thought...and The Roots
Inspired by Supernat's battle with Juice//
Inspired by J-Treds, Natural E, Masta Ace
And the words of Mike Tyson and Cassius Clay
Inspired by the New School and the Golden Era
Inspired by debates about who's flow is better//

Inspired by the beat, Dirty Hairy and I complete
Chemistry on wax, I had to add speech
Had to add vocals, I'm way past local
Inspired by the continents, I think global//
Inspired by...the act of expression
Inspired by those who chose rap as a profession
Inspired by the BrainStormers, we a dope group
With in-house production, avenues to promote through//
Inspired by the critics, inspired by the Spirit
Inspired by those who present nice lyrics
Inspired by the Sound Providers and Jazz Addixx
Inspired by Classic Rock and Black Sabbath//
Inspired by Miles Davis, styles and cadence
Inspired by live shows, I'm a crowd favorite
Inspired by Tim Tebow and slim people
Inspired by creating fabrics with thin needles//

Inspired by Sway and Tech, Bobbito and Stretch
Inspired by the overall feeling of being the best
Inspired by Dj Premier and 9th Wonder
Inspired by the cravings, I have a nice hunger//
Inspired by the remix, inspired by weakness
Inspired by my image, made in his uniqueness
Inspired by the passion, the confidence of speeches
Inspired by a small gatherings or a legion//
Inspired by the pen and pad that I hold
Inspired by hip-hop that spans across the globe//


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