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A Special Tribute Song; Dedicated To The Late Great Praverb The Wyse, Rest Brother

"Rest Brother" is a tribute song/track, produced by me, mixed by @cayozdabeast dedicated to my brother, The Legendary Praverb The Wyse. Enjoy and most importantly celebrate life, everyone is blessed with purpose. I promise you bro I will never put the PEN down! Lets Go!

~Praverb The Wyse Favorite Quotes~
-Keep creating
-Stay focused
-Strive towards your goals
-Spread the dopeness
-Strive towards your dreams and goals
-Be approaching. Be open. You never know who you will inspire or who will inspire you.
-You can do all things...you can do all things
-inspire others 
-You are stronger than yesterday Your past does not determine your future Your heart is pure 
-Your energy is infectious
-You are ready to start another day
-Rise up!!!
~Love what you do. Give it 100% live and have no Regrets~
RIP Praverb The Wyse
September 17, 2014


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