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Shine Through feat. Cane and Mina Fedora ( Produced by Fakts One ) Second Single off #RIParadisePraverb Project

Whats going on everybody here is the official track listing to the very special and dear project we put together for our brother Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb the Wyse. Tell everybody you can about the project that will be released on vinyl with a pressing of 100 copies and all the money made on this project will go to Praverbs wife Vanessa and his son Matthew. We are also dropping the second single off the #RIParadisePraverb project Shine Through featuring Cane and Mina Fedora Produced by Fakts One. Spread the word and let everybody know. Here is the track listing:

First single off #RIParadisePraverb project. We all love and have a deep hearten respect for our brother Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb the Wyse who passed away 2 years ago on this day. Since that time we have come together to compile unreleased songs, and dedications to our brother with this special project that we hold so dear to our heart #RIParadisePraverb. For everything he was, is, and continue to be to all of us we unveil this first track off the project entitled, "A Little More" which is produced by Blastah Beatz from Portugal. This marks the beginning of the countdown to the release of this project which will be exclusively be released here as well as a limited edition vinyl pressing of 100 copies which pre orders will be available for the vinyl gearing for its release on November 11, 2016. All the money made from this single and project will go directly to Vanessa and Matthew McNease please support and let's make this project come into the forefront and have the legacy of not just Patrick's music but who he was as a man, friend, brother, husband and father resonate now and forever. We love and miss you Patrick this is for you and your family #RIParadisePraverb. traditionandrealitymusic.bandcamp.com as well as the preorders.
Cover Art Designed by: Mike "Gaits" McNease, Praverb's Brother


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