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The Top 50 Songs of May [#1 Trending Audiomack Playlist]

Sure, we’re more than halfway through the month of June, and it’s a little late to drop a Best of May playlist; but, I dropped the April mix around the same time in May, and it’s been streamed a record number of times. Not to mention that good music doesn’t get old, this mix is already the number-one trending playlist on Audiomack, and we’ll revisit all the playlists at the end of the year for the Top 100 of 2016. This month, we have another wide selection spanning the genre, including a number of songs from international artists; some guilty-pleasure bully rap; music for the advancement of our culture; a few pop-leaning head nodders; that good-old boom bap; and even a taste of the South.

Highlights include:
  • Full songs from female rappers Kash and Sa-Roc
  • A Mistah Fab collaboration with his Cali peers Kendrick Lamar and Crooked I
  • Verses from the incredible Invincible of Detroit, as well as The Last Emperor, my favorite rapper when I was in college
  • “They” from Sturk, a rapper new to me who's now an affiliate
  • Two appearances each from newbie Will EQ and my Smart Crew-reppin homie from NY, Meyhem Lauren, whose whole album could’ve made the list
Other notables include: Mark Battles; Masta Ace; (spoken word from) Chuck D; Rise Rashid; (self-produced) Jonwayne; Action Bronson; (guest appearances from) Joe Budden, Pusha T and Cormega; (a freestyle from) Jadakiss; (a remix of) Russ; Homeboy Sandman (twice); Mike Eagle; Aesop Rock; Hus Kingpin; Daniel Son; Conway; and Stargiela. Production this month comes from my producers Harry Fraud, Audible Doctor and C-Lance, as well as list-frequenter Dame Grease; the homie Statik Selektah; Thelonious Martin; Nottz (twice); Ant of Atmosphere; Large Professor; Alchemist, the god; DJ Muggs; and Hippie Sabotage.

  1. Kash – “This Is Me” [prod. by Dame Grease]
  2. Sturk ft. DJ Khaled – “They”
  3. Mark Battles – “Something Real”
  4. Tony B – “Get Away” (Freestyle) [prod. by EZ Elpee]
  5. Blasphome – “We Gonna Make It”
  6. Mistah Fab ft. Kendrick Lamar, Crooked I & Kobe Honeycutt – “Survive” [prod. by Tha Bizness]
  7. Masta Ace ft. Pav Bundy, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble & Chuck D – “Young Black Intelligent (Y.B.I.)” [prod. by KIC Beats]
  8. Maylay Sparks ft. Rucker Pawk, The Last Emperor & DJ Devastate – “Illadelph Elohim” [prod. by Koolade]
  9. Sa-Roc – “Code of Hammurabi” [prod. by Sol Messiah]
  10. The Black Opera ft. Guilty Simpson, Invincible & Magestik Legend – “Faces of Death” [prod. by Audible Doctor]
  11. Mozzy – “Pain Killers” [prod. by TD Slaps]
  12. Charlieboi (Ghana) ft. Jay Buzzles – “Struggles” [prod. by Charlieboi]
  13. Nowaah The Flood – “Change” [prod. by Cap Chino]
  14. Rise Rashid – “A Mother Like You” [prod. by DJ Terrorkane]
  15. ELem (South Africa) – “Blessed” [prod. by ELem]
  16. Ignition (South Africa) ft. KayKay – “Blessings” [prod. by Siz]
  17. DA – “TIMI 2 Intro” [prod. by Yung Corelione]
  18. Jonwayne – “Wonka” [prod. by Jonwayne]
  19. Slayter ft. Michael Christmas – “Shit on Her” [prod. by Thelonious Martin]
  20. Action Bronson – “The Rainmaker” [prod. by Statik Selektah]
  21. Will EQ – “Ctrl Alt Delete” [prod. by The Psychonautz]
  22. Will EQ ft. Dave East – “Started in the Hooptie” [prod. Phantom Boyz & Arkitexx]
  23. Casey Veggies – “Perfect Timing” [prod. by Harry Fraud]
  24. Curren$y – “Supply & Demand” [prod. by Marvel Hitz]
  25. Hodgy Beats – “Kobain” [prod. by Nottz]
  26. Super Nike Nando & SMII Much – “Mr. Everywhere” [prod. by Swellthy]
  27. Scott King ft. DJ Greg Street – “No Role Models” (Remix) [prod. by Phonix Beats & J. Cole]
  28. MC Moeblak – “Enjoy Tha Summer” [prod. by Erick Towerz (Peru)]
  29. Joey B ft. Joe Budden – “By Myself” [prod. by C-Lance]
  30. Kyle Lucas – “I Can’t Stay” [prod. by 20syl]
  31. Russ – “What They Want (Crisis Remix)” [prod. by Russ & DJ Millhammer]
  32. ARos ft. Pusha T – “All I Wanted”
  33. Ely Ayers – “Move Along” [prod. by TaylorM]
  34. Lex One & Mike Beatz (FKA Wizard Sleeve) – “My Own Worst Remedy” [prod. by Mike Beatz]
  35. Homeboy Sandman – “Kindness for Weakness” [prod. by K-Nite)
  36. Aesop Rock ft. Homeboy Sandman & Open Mike Eagle – “Syrup” [prod. by Ant of Atmosphere]
  37. Alpha Faktion – “Creative Control” [prod. by Nottz]
  38. Alex Wiley – “I Need That” [prod. by Hippie Sabotage]
  39. Tek (of Smiff N Wessun) – “Money” (Freestyle)
  40. Farid Bang (Spain/Germany) ft. Fat Joe – “Escobar”
  41. Spic Academy (Godilla, Adrian Adonis, JBL The Titan & DJ Rybe) – “Tamales” [prod. by JBL The Titan & DJ Rybe]
  42. Meyhem Lauren – “Elevation” [prod. by DJ Muggs]
  43. Meyhem Lauren – “Not Guilty” [prod. by Large Professor]
  44. Hus Kingpin ft. Sage Infinite – “Kingpin’s Canvas” [prod. by Camoflauge Monk]
  45. Killer Ben – “Half the Man” [prod. by Twiz the Beat Pro]
  46. Flash ft. Conway – “El Padrone” [prod. by Flash]
  47. Daniel Son – “Silvio” [prod. by Giallo Point]
  48. Havoc (of Mobb Deep) & The Alchemist ft. Cormega – “Hear Me Now” [prod. by Alchemist]
  49. Stargiela ft. 808 & Saj – “Rap Money”
  50. Jadakiss – “All The Way Up (Remix)” [prod. by Edsclusive]
STREAM [bit.ly/GonzoRapMay2016]


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