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The Runaway! Good Times Part 4! 11-minutes of Dopeness!

At the beginning of 2015, twelve emcees from Canada and the U.S. began collaborating on a posse cut song to release in the summer. The song was done in honour of departed & highly influential emcee Praverb the Wyse. Now complete, the 11+ minute song is called Good Times part 4. 

The collaborating emcees are what Praverb would call Professional Hobbyists - regular working folks who strongly pursue rap as a hobby. The artwork contains references to Praverb's album of the same name & emcee Brett Klassen pays homage to Praverb in the song.

While the list of artists may be unfamiliar, these emcees deliver great rhymes & a positive spirit that would make Praverb proud. Project creator Jon Corbin (aka The Runaway) is joined by Canadian artists Mark Danger, RUIN, Brett Klassen, Soul Natural, Es, Dean West & Youngdo Kang. The U.S. is represented by Fab da Eclectic, reSEARCH, Joshua Kennedy & Sundance. 

Good Times part 4 is available for download as of Tues Aug 11 via Bandcamp and NoiseTrade. All money raised from sales will be given directly to the Family of Praverb the Wyse

Fab da Eclectic (FL) - fabdaeclectic.bandcamp.com 
reSEARCH (TN) - www.shadowfactsrecords.com 
Mark Danger (ON) - markdanger.bandcamp.com 
R.U.I.N. (ON) - r-u-i-n.bandcamp.com 
Brett Klassen (ON) - brettklassen.bandcamp.com 
Soul Natural (ON) - facebook.com/PhraserMc 
Es (ON) - esmuzik.bandcamp.com 
Joshua Kennedy (MI) - joshuakennedy.bandcamp.com 
Dean West (ON) - www.423music.com 
Youngdo Kang (ON) - www.TheWordBecameFresh.ca/vision 
Sundance (MN) - illect.bandcamp.com/album/midlife-marauders


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