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The Praverb Project: Q & A with Kyle W

Interview by: ~Mike Gaits~

Mike Gaits.: Umm I’m kind of new at this interviewing thing. Let me ask you right off the bat, "How did Praverb The Wyse inspire you to keep doing what you love musically?

Kyle W.: Haha It's all good. I'm actually a creative director, that's in love with hip-hop. I let artists do what they have to do and help bring it all together in a creative format. I met P through a mutual friend (Dharmic X). At that time, the 3 of us were going to start a PR firm of sorts. But with all of us having separate directions, that never fleshed out. We stayed in contact and right before his passing Praverb and I were going to start interviewing artists of the Golden Era, suddenly after I got the news.

Mike Gaits.: Man it still haunts me that he is gone, still. Good news I hear that you and several other artist are collaborating on a, "Praverb Tribute Album, any features on the album we can expect?"

Kyle W.: Yes he's definitely missed. There is a hole that will never be filled. Yesir the official name of the tribute is called "The Praverb Project". I got together with numerous artists to bring this all together. Some knew P and many  didn't, they just wanted to help off the strength. A few of the artists lending their services are: M-Dot, Awkword, Skyzoo, Rome Clientel, Rapper Big Pooh, Chaundon & Rich Quick to just start. Definitely have a lot of talent on this project.

Mike Gaits.: Sound's like a dope lineup! When is the "The Praverb Project expected to drop?" Do you have a sneak peek perhaps for the Praverb.net fans/viewers?

Kyle W.: Yeah it's going to be a crowd pleaser for sure. P will be proud. As of right now we are looking at a mid-fall release. As the time grows near I'll make sure a preview is shot your way. There really isn't anything I would feel comfortable releasing at this time for it to be heard the way it should be.

Praverb's Legacy Lives "16 lines of Dopeness!"


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