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The BrainStormers Ep (Epic Repost!)

Here is another track that was excluded from The BrainStormers EP. The track was produced by SMIMooz. The track order for this song starts with Praverb the Wyse, then A.L. Laureate, and it ends with Cayoz Da Beast. The cuts were provided by Dj Grazzhoppa.

Verse 1 (Praverb the Wyse)
Inspiration is low, I am racing my muse
I'm anxious to prove I'm dope so I stay in the booth
Hip-Hop doesn't move me, I'm replacing the tunes
Changing the mood by simply playing some Blues//
Seen hate in the news, yes the hatred ensues
Night stalker, a werewolf shaped by the moon
Wages earned becomes something placed in a pool
The future is now, retirement is basically true//
Vagueness of statements has me chasing the truth
Adding substance like pepper to some flavorless food
Dumping bodies in a lake or lagoon
You want to battle fine, pass the wine, precede to vacate the saloon//
Empty it out, deadly with the pencil or mouth
Lacking faith, has you shivering, you simply in doubt
When people name regions they don't mention the South
That makes no sense like trying to pitch a tent in a house//

Verse 2 (A.L. Laureate)
Present myself to the offspring uttering news
Cause arguing views eliminates cats covered in jewels
Time plays a factor in this equation
Every rhyme signifies a bomb with one tick remaining//
With back and forth bars, I 'm at an arms distance
Calm with it, fortitude revealed through my long grimace
Outlast rivals, before the race behinds
I carry a backpack with grenades without the pins//
A Unabomber that flows
Leave the whole crowd showered with highlighted words that signify power
I mix hip-hop down with a side of intellect
Now the images that I paint are fresh and dripping wet//
Leaving minds and behinds, smeared with what you hear
I'm automatic in traffic, you struggle in first gear
Dude, I got purpose, so learn it in the furnace
Whether you pay for it or download and burn it//

Verse 3 (Cayoz Da Beast)
Y'all dudes need to get with the program before you catch a choke slam
Yo, AL and P-Viz can I be the spokesman
Dope fam majors fall back we got our own plan
All as one our styles fit right like a Trojan//
Oh man who else you know can bring the sickness
And indirectly redefine the term lyrical fitness
A single snippet from me got them all trying to mimic
Googling stores trying to get my style on their wish list//
Our assault on the microphones relentless
Three diamonds in the rough should be enough to spark you interest
We vintage with the lines got the game in our clinches
Why you think these rappers stomachs turning flips like a gymnast//
Somewhat reminiscent of the golden times
When everything was based off your skill and your lines
Nowadays everybody glorifying crime
Which is sad in my opinion cause that just ain't sublime//


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