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Promoting Beats on YouTube: The Top YouTube Channels for Beatmakers

Producers and Beatmakers worldwide are finding out how hard it is to promote their music online. 

There are only a handful of blog outlets available for beatmakers. The niche is super saturated with people fighting for attention. 

Producers can try to stand out on Reddit, Stumbleupon or even SoundCloud but it is a slow process and it requires patience. 

If you truly want to get your music in front of a targeted audience you have to flock to where they are at. Audiovisual blogs, like the ones listed below will help you get your name out there. 

I originally thought about compiling a list for beatmakers after frequenting the bigger audiovisual blogs (think Majestic Casual, The Sound You Need, Heed The Sound, Délicieuse Musique and countless others) and finding small remnants of instrumentality. 

Below I have carefully compiled a list of YouTube channles for Beatmakers. I wrote this with instrumental hip-hoppers in mind (boom-bap, jazz hop, chill hop, trip-hop, etc beatmakers). 

If I missed any channels, please let me know in the comments section below.


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