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Top Hip-Hop Blogs for Artists Without an Online Presence

UPDATE [May 2016]: We are working on updating this list. We're adding new blogs daily; and we'll be removing dead sites soon.

You spend the day scanning the bigger blogs dreaming about being posted there. You envision record deals waiting in your inbox. You visualize having Kanye West open for you. You have truly made it!

You hear a buzzing sound in the distance that catches your attention. Stumbling over a constructed tower of CDs, you clumsily approach your phone. The irritating sound that you heard is your alarm clock, your inbox is empty. You were having a dream!

Promoting music online is difficult especially if you are unknown. You are competing with a ton of artists online. You are fighting for attention.

A lot of artists focus on bigger blogs without building their name recognition or web presence. Take a seat right quick, I have something to share with you. The bigger blogs that you visit on a daily basis operate on traffic. These blogs have to "pump out content" to bring traffic to their site. As an artist without a "name" you do not have the traffic generating potential or TGP to get posted on these bigger sites.

Your music may be undeniable dope but it might get buried in the inbox of your favorite blogger. This is not your fault. Maybe you do not know the right people. Maybe your email pitch is all over the place. Of course you can hire a PR team or pay insane amounts of dinero for a feature but you do not have any money.

Look I am not saying that dope music will always get overlooked, sheesh look at the mysterious rise of Your Old Droog. I am just saying that a lot of factors play a role in blog coverage.

This post was inspired by The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog post, in fact most of the blogs are pulled for the directory. I just wanted to give up and comers a starting point.

7th Boro

Act Live
The Anti-Society
Ashes and Drinks

The Brown Kid Blog

CLP Nation
Cocaine Phre$h

Day & A Dream
Death Chamberz Music
Definition of Fresh
Discover Good Music
Dj Booth
The Double Truth

The Essence of Rap & Hip-Hop

Fresh Prince ATX
Future Dance Music

Gettin Up
Get Your Buzz Up
Ginger Slim's

Hip Hop Authority
Hip Hop Has Soul
Hip-Hop Life And Times
HipHop LT
Hip Hop Redux
HipHop Ruckus

Intrigued Music Blog

JoeHova's Mindframe


Le 16 Bar
Lunch 'N' Leftovers
Lyrically Fit

Mad Liberators Magazine Rap Swiss
Mighty Burners
Mimesi Society
Music Imperium
Muzic Junkies


Plantao Hip Hop

Rap Reviews

Shook One
Sizzle Nation
Solo Vibes Music
Street Hop Magazine
You Better Believe It
Vintage Media Group
Zona Suburbana

Take the time to build relationships. Being posted on blogs is not as difficult as you think.

Please SHARE this information if you find it helpful. Leave a comment below and let me know what blogs gave your music a chance.

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