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Vakseen Talks About The Music Biz, Art and Optimizing Music Submissions

First and foremost, who is Vakseen and what does he represent?

I’m a creator first and foremost. A lot of people don’t realize I’ve been a producer and writer/artist way before I got my start on the business side of things. I’m a music producer, A&R manager, songwriter and visual artist/painter. I represent determination and perseverance. I represent the underdog that no one wants to give a shot. I represent the people that have had to fight, kick, scratch and claw to get every single thing they have in life. I represent the people working to make their dreams a reality. I represent change.

I gravitated to your presence due to the valuable content that you share on Twitter. How long did it take you to develop your Twitter strategy?

I appreciate you following the movement. I wouldn’t even say there’s necessarily a big strategy behind what I do. I simply enjoy sharing my experiences with people. If I can help someone avoid the same mistakes I’ve made in the past or help them maneuver through this biz, mission accomplished.

You also excel as an artist. Who are some of your favorite artists and how does art tie into your music endeavors?

If I have to name a couple artists that I’m a fan of, it’d have to be Rene Magritte and Salvador Dahli. My work falls into the surrealism realm and I definitely appreciate their contributions to the genre. Both artists changed the game and that’s definitely my intention as well. That mentality is probably how I make the two worlds connect.

Music and art are huge parts of my life so naturally they go hand in hand. They’re both extensions of me and my creativity. I’ve also done a few music pieces in the past. My Jazz collection highlighted some of the greats like Miles, Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Dizzy, etc and was greatly received by the public.

Your accessibility is also something that I marvel at. A lot of industry insiders are afraid to provide their email address because they fear being spammed. What made you decide to share your email publicly?

I’ve never really moved like most execs. Regardless of what I’ve seen or done, I’m as humble and grounded as they come. As sure as it’s given to us, it can be taken away. I also manage talent and my company does artist development so I’m always looking for talent to work with in some capacity. Even if your music isn’t ready when we connect, I aim to help you change that.

I am positive that you receive a ton of music submissions. Would you mind sharing 3 things that you look for in regards to music submissions?

Regardless of it being a producer, songwriter or artist submission, I’m always looking for something specific. First and foremost is professionalism and your ability to follow directions. First impressions are everything and you’d be surprised by some of the emails I receive. Hilarious and sad simultaneously lol. If I ask you to attach 3 mp3’s, that means just that. Do not send wav files, wma files, YouTube or SoundCloud links lol. People really just do what they want and expect to be taken seriously smh.

From there I’m looking for the highest level of quality. Ideally something with a unique sound that can stand apart from the millions of other creators out there. That’s important. Very. Finally, I’d have to say consistency. Consistency is everything. It shows your level of dedication to your craft.


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