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Play On Words Talk About Leather CD Jackets for "Suns Of God"

For those that are not familiar with your work, how did Play On Words become a group?

It was really just law of attraction, everything has been organic since we met. In high school we were two individual artists but through features, we built up chemistry and really started pursuing the sound you hearing now.

What was the inspiration behind "Icons"?

The track (ICONS) made us think about our day-to-day lives and everything we’re working towards. Even the instrumentation of the beat felt iconic, and it painted a perfect backdrop for what’s to come, which we wanted to foreshadow through our lyrics.

Early this year you guys dropped Suns of God. What inspired this release?

Innovation and individuality were the intent for the Leather CD Jackets. The music was the inspiration. In collaboration with Lvxwa, we created a timeless avant-garde accessory to match the lasting impression of the music.

One thing that stood out to me was the unique packaging of Suns of God. We live in a digital age yet Play on Words decided to defy the odds and present music in a leather cd jacket. Would you mind sharing the mindset behind this innovative packaging move?

The Leather CD Jackets were a seamless illustration of the music. Honestly, the designing of the case and production of the music was brought together through a unique creating session between the artists and designer. It’s amazing what a group of high-minds can achieve in the right environment.

What is on the horizon for Play on Words for the rest of 2014?

The rest of 2014 is all about growth. Traveling is definitely a top priority in expanding our audience, as well as building a strong foundation for Las Vegas hip-hop. All while we continue to give people nothing less than useful music.


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