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The Evolution of Nikki Siixx and the Birth of NikkiJoMazing

Your website has totally transformed over the past few years. What makes your website more than a blog?

NikkiSiixx.com is an online source where underground artists are supported for their arts. Ranging from their music, art, talent, and creativity. We show our appreciation and critique to what we find to be great music to be shared through the hip-hop community.

We also provide artist advice articles that give them a bloggers perspective of how to properly carry themselves to promote their music, interact with female promoters, social media 101, and even how to get booked for shows. Besides showcasing tracks, projects, music videos, and visuals by these talented individuals, we also share a bond for movies, videogames, comics, and some viral gems. Also our content is always original and written by either NikkiSiixx herself or one of her writers from her staff of contributors.

Recently you started a weekly hip-hop series called NikkiJoMazing. What are you trying to accomplish with this series?

NikkiJoMazing is a group of female bloggers who consists of JojoFabs from JojosBlock.com, Kassandra & Melissa from Womazing, and myself. Every Monday we bring you an episode regarding artist we support in the hip-hop community and have a sit down interview.

We discuss previous/current/upcoming projects, collaborations, new music and music videos. We want to spread the word on good music brought to you by local artists. I also want to show that as woman we can keep our goals in order and complete numerous episodes covering artists from all over. It's pretty funny their even calling us "The View of the Underground".

Do you scout talent for the hip-hop series?

We're always looking out for upcoming artists. Currently we're showcasing artists we've worked with previously. Once we get the ones were targeting, we're going to generate more ways to interact more artists who deserve a feature on the show. By all means they can email nikkijomazing@gmail.com for inquires.

I read that you direct and edit the series. How did you get over the fear of being in front of the camera?

Yes, I do direct and edit all the episodes of NikkiJoMazing. It's a lot of work but somebody has to do it. Might as well be me, so I know it's getting done. I've always been photogenic, the camera and I have always been friends. I get more nervous when I speak in front of a live audience. In either seminars or when I'm on stage hosting a show.

You also put on showcases in Miami. What are some of performance based pet peeves that you encounter?

Oh man, this just pinches a nerve! I can say the worse habits from performers is when they're late, or when they have some sense of entitlement when they're not running the show, and lack of respect for time. Which can really hurt the show and possibly can lose your spot and any future opportunities with the promoter, who runs the show.


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