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MIC:LEE Talks About his Writing Process & Improving As An Artist

I really like the message of "To This Day". What was your thought process behind the song?

"To This Day" is a part of the upcoming Canadian Artists Against Bullying Mixtape Vol. 1. My thought process was really just me analyzing things that I've had to go through in my life and interpreting it all in a metaphorical way while still throwing the positive twist on it all. I used to let peoples' words get under my skin and just eat at me, and I realize that's how a lot of people are going through their daily lives so I figured those people would relate to my own experiences.

I notice that you are a gifted writer that relies on syllable placement. Would you mind sharing your thought process with the masses?

My thought process when I'm writing is honestly different song-by-song. For "To This Day" I sat down, threw the beat on a loop and then wrote the entire song. I've found that the more and more I write, the less I think about things like syllable placement(instead, it just comes naturally while writing).

SoundCloud or Bandcamp?

Currently I find myself using Soundcloud a lot more simply due to the fact I'm not pushing any actual projects yet. However, for releasing actual projects and discovering new music I prefer Bandcamp. It's easy to use, has a lot more customization/options than Soundcloud, and finding new music is simple.

You also make beats as well right? Do you find it difficult to rhyme over your own production?

Yes, I do make beats as well! As for writing over my own production, the difficulty depends on the beat. Some beats I make are that head-nodding boom-bap kind of sound which I find it easy to rap over while other beats are just experimental in every way and I find myself playing with the flow a lot more on them.

What drives you to improve as an artist?

A few different things. When I was just starting out writing rap, I had plenty of people tell me I would make it nowhere. I feel as though I have to prove myself to quite a few people and as a result of that I'm always striving to do better and better.

However, what drives me even more than that are the supporters. When someone tells you how great your song was and how much they related to it, you just get a great feeling inside that isn't really matched by anything else. Beyond that, whenever I just take time to look at the bigger picture of things and even just realize I'm working with some of my idols I find myself extremely motivated.


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