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New Record Label Flip Recipe Releases Beatowski's New Album

My homie Sourface has been relatively quiet since we last collabed on "Super Saiyans." Matter of fact we both have been quiet haha.

He usually disappears for months at a time and then hits me with new material out of the blue.

A few weeks back he told me that he was starting a record label and of course I chuckled a bit. I thought to myself, "everybody has a record label." I am pretty sure you have felt the same way.

Am I correct?

So I decided to check out the material and I was blown away.

Flip Recipe is an in-house production team/record label that consists of Sourface (of snaresallday fame), Tallen, Riddle and Beatowski.

'Hand Crafted' from Beatowski is the first release from the record label. You can check out a sample from the record below and listen to the project HERE.

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