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Ace Dizzy Flow Talks About Formation of NQM & Production

For those that do not know you, who is Ace Dizzy?

Ace Dizzy is a blogger, beat maker and occasional tweeter who gets blocked from celebrities. and a Yoo-Hoo drinker. Lol.

You are the co-founder of NQM, would you mind sharing how NQM was formed?

NQM started out as a rap group with me and my lil tall sis Junie P, we were originally called "Get Fresh Kidz". Lol. I occasionally rapped but mostly I did the production. But one day, Junie called me up one day, (we both went to the same college), and was like "Hey let's start a music blog". I didn't know what the hell it was but I agreed to it. Lol. Five years later we're still here and relevant. Thanks to everyone.

You also produce beats. What do you enjoy the most about making beats?

I started making beats in high school of 2002, but didn't get serious about it until my sophomore year in college. The enjoyment I get from making beats is the challenges from creating them. I love a challenge. Especially when it comes to sampling, I sample 90% of the time, but I also just began layering strings, and chords over my beats. That's a challenge because I refused keyboard lessons at the age of 12. (insert facepalm). Lol. Also I'm working on a new instrumental album Ace Dizstrumentals Vol 4 which is coming soon.

You can check out Ace's beattapes here.

Bloggers are notoriously known to get bombarded by music submissions. How do you manage your inbox?

Yeah, we are. It's humbling but frustrating at the same time. I'm having to clear out my inbox every week due to the amount of submissions we receive. Don't get me wrong I'm thankful, but some submissions aren't really post worthy because they don't catch my interest. It's nothing personal, but I've received hate e-mails and slick talk on twitter from not posting the submission. Lol.

A lot of artists believe that they are entitled to blog posts. What are your thoughts on this and how do you deal with artists with entitlement issues?

Some artists are entitled to blog posts. Some aren't. The consistent artists with the quality of music we're looking for are the ones you will see posted. I try to reply to each submission and give the artist some sort of criticism. Everyone who hits a studio, records a song, and has a PR send out e-mails aren't automatically gonna get a submission.

Some artists sometimes don't believe in the "quality" when it comes to recording. If you go to a home studio, you'll get home studio quality. If you're serious about your craft, work hard to get official studio time so you can get the quality record that labels, listeners, fans and bloggers are looking for. I don't want to sit through 3 and a half minutes listening to un-mixed music. I know I'm not the only one Lol.


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