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Signif Shares Her Top 5 Female Rappers of All-Time

I really love your rhyme name. Is it safe to say that Signif is the shortened form of significant?

Thank you. Signif is short for significant, I did the dictionary look through and picked it out. I originally coined myself as Sig Nif after Mos Def and my friends pretty much told me I had a lot of nerves in doing so at the time but I decided to stick with it. In my world everyone is significant and matters so it’s fitting.

Recently you had the experience to tour Europe. How did this opportunity come to fruition?

It’s safe to say because of the internet it came into fruition. I’m thankful that people are listening to my music and passing it on (that’s all any artist could ever ask for). Before I took off to go on tour I was getting emails here and there from people in France, Brussels, ect. for me to let them know if I was ever in Europe to let them know because they had venues for me to perform at. So once I got booked for a gig to fly me out and perform in Paris I was able to set up other shows with the people who had been reaching out prior to me going over there and they all responded well, it was a great situation.

Would you mind sharing the highlights of your experience?

Sure. My trip was good I went over as a musical guest and was accompanied pretty much everywhere so it wasn’t like I was a tourist, everyone I met in France spoke English even if they said they didn’t speak it well. It was great seeing the way the people respect the culture of hip-hop and seeing the people respect me for my music and not the status of my popularity. When I can step foot in a different country and people are reciting my music back to me it felt good because our handwork and sacrificed doesn’t feel wasted.

When I'm home I’m rocking 35-100 people in a space which is also cool too because I enjoy doing what I do but I can’t get into some bigger places because my arms don’t reach long enough or I don't know the right people. Some people over here are not looking to preserve the culture; they’re not looking for people really doing this with substance, style, and grace. I have a record on my new album where I say “I never been on Two dope Boyz but I just toured Europe” which is definitely not a diss but it speaks of volumes of my situation and other talented artists not getting some outlets because we're not link to anyone or anything but our own brand. Shout out to intelligent dummies by the way which is me and my cohorts brand.

The highlight for me was expanding my horizons culturally and musically. When your passion and love for anything can take you to different places around the world you’re on to something and it's a blessing. I’ve been invited back and I can’t wait to do it again bigger and better each time, so the experience was beyond great. You have many artists that may get a lot of highlights and never been out of the country to perform, so we're grateful for the looks we have gotten because those looks got us to a point where we can connect with a fan base overseas. We truly appreciate the people who have genuinely supported us throughout the years.

Listening to your music I feel a sense of transparency, calmness and empowerment. What is going on in your mind while you are crafting rhymes?

Thanks. I really don’t know what’s going on in my mind when I’m crafting rhymes, most of the time I just go were the rhythm takes me, unless there’s a certain topic of discussion.

Can you please share your Top 5 female rappers of all-time?

Queen Latifah
Mc Lyte
Lauryn Hill


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