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Showtyme's 5 Tips for Increasing Your Beat Placement Opportunities

What does Showtyme love the most about producing?

I love the process of creating musical ideas, and being able to map them out and make them sound exactly how I want them to, I love talking to artists, making friends that I wouldn't of made before, and working with artists I've heard on the radio, the list goes on.

Who have you worked with and who do you desire to work with?

I had a track on Lil Herb's Welcome To Fazoland, I've worked with Trev Rich out of Denver who's signed to Joe Budden, Lightshow, I produced a song for AD from Compton featuring Paul Wall that's about to drop, and I'm working with a lot of other great artists. I want to work with a lot of dope people. The list of artists on majors I want to work with goes on and on, but some indie artists I want to work with are Doughbeezy, Bizzy Crook, Audio Push, Dizzy Wright, K. Camp, Jon Connor, Raz Simone, Two9 out of Atlanta, SIR, Devin Miles, the list is endless, man. Eventually, I want to work with artists of all genres, but it's mostly hip hop/R&B for now.

Do you feel like your location holds you back from bigger opportunities?

No, not really. I'm 16 right now, heading into my senior year of high school, and don't plan to live in Iowa for long. While being somewhere like a L.A. could help me out right now, I feel like I still need to develop as an artist/producer, and just mature overall, and then the time will come to move out to a bigger city, like L.A. or New York.

What is Des Moines, Iowa known for?

I don't feel like Des Moines is known for anything, musically. There have been some dope producers out of here though. Both Bangladesh & Young Fyre have came out of Des Moines, and I plan to be next in line.

Would you be willing to provide 5 tips for increasing your beat placement chances?

1. Work hard. In order to get your beats placed, they have to good enough to be placed, and that only comes with practice.
2. Network online. Increase your social presence. Talk to people, follow people in the music biz, ask for advice from veteran producers and music people.
3. Don't give up. Placements won't start rolling in in the first couple months, even in the first couple years you start producing. Be patient, and keep working.
4. Be humble, but be confident. You don't want to be the cocky producer over hyping their beats, but at the same time you want to be confident about your work, so keep a balance between the two.
5. Don't spam. All I see on twitter is producers spamming artists their beats, and while that might get you some quick money, it'll do more bad than good. If you spam enough, people will automatically not take you seriously.

Follow me on twitter @realshowtyme, and on SoundClound. Thanks for the interview!


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