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Praise Beats Talks Production Style & Barrel Brothers Placement

Your production is on point. I first caught wind of your production via Gadget's Behind the Beats segment. How would you describe your production style?

First of all thanks for being so supportive man, you've shown love to my music for a long time and I really appreciate that. Gadget is a dope producer/videographer but he also kinda morphed into this curator of production culture. That Behind the beats segment was huge for me and I owe a lot to him for featuring me. Big shout to Gadget & the whole Digital Hustle conglomerate.

But to answer your question, lol. I'd say my style is just a combination of everything I like. Hard drums, live warm feel, and unique sounds & textures. I try to apply that to whatever type of track I'm working on be it soulful, street, or whatever.

In 2010 and 2011, you released "Still Loading," what were you trying to accomplish with those releases?

I wanted to have a beat tape out there to showcase my sound. At the time the only people that had my stuff were a&r's & artists. I wanted to put something out that beat heads could reference. I called it "still loading" because at the time I was using an asr-x pro exclusively and it has notoriously long load times. Some beats would be four or five 3.5 floppy disks long. I'd be in sessions setting up and people would be like "praise is still loading!?" I said if I ever put a beat tape out I gotta call it that.

Fast forward to the present, you have received some big placements lately most notably the placement on the Barrel Brothers project. Would you mind sharing the feeling associated with seeing your name in the album credits or on the track list?

Its crazy! That's a moment you dream of and to finally see it happen is an incredible feeling. But the most exciting thing is being able to work with two artists who I was legitimately a huge fan of before I thought I'd ever have an opportunity to work with them. I really hope this is the first of many projects I'll be able to contribute to for Skyzoo and Torae collectively and individually. Go get that Barrel Brothers album if you don't have it already!

Management is huge for a busy person such as yourself. Would you mind sharing the importance of having Big Dho in your corner?

Being able to work with Dho is a blessing. Big Dho is one of the most honest and genuine people you can meet. He's also a seasoned industry vet who I've seen fight for his team. That probably sounds cliche but I've seen him go to bat for the people he believes in. He'll provide guidance on a business level but he's also a real production head with a great ear. So we could talk about split sheets and then end up talking about break beats or sequencing, lol. I don't know if there are many managers like that. Needless to say his guidance is invaluable.

What does Praise have on tap for the rest of 2014?

There are some amazing artists whose projects I've contributed production to that I'm really excited about & should be dropping in the near future. You know how it goes though, I don't wanna say too much before tracklists get finalized & end up looking crazy.

Aside from that I'm planning on dropping a mixtape that features songs I've produced, both released and unreleased. Its going to be called "Late Service". I'm also working on a full length beat tape that I'm still kicking around working titles for. I'm wrapping up a Soul/R&B album called "The Grace" with an amazing vocalist named Sol Thompson (@Iwritesongs). Beyond that I'm working on a producer album that will feature all new exclusive tracks from some of my favorite artists.

I want to sincerely thank everybody who's been supportive of my production. I really appreciate every tweet, email, shoutout, purchase etc. There are so many other artists and producers out there I'm always really humbled whenever anybody reaches out and shows support or puts somebody on to my music. I thank God for that.


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