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Pharaoh Takari: 'I'm Doing The Best I Can With Promotion'

First and foremost, would you mind sharing the inspiration behind your name?

I remember my grandfather telling me one day that our roots trace back to Egypt and I thought that was kinda cool. So I wanted to incorporate that into my music somehow. After an hour-long search on the internet, I came across the name "Takari", meaning "warrior" in Egyptian. And "Pharaoh" was just a necessary addition to the name, so I combined the two.

Recently you released a project called A Peer Amid, what did you try to accomplish with the project?

A Peer Amid took me about a year to write, record, and produce all 13 tracks. The beats that were initially made for the project got scrapped because I wasn't completely satisfied with them. Because of this, I taught myself how to produce better and came across a bunch of songs I could sample from that would potentially suit the album the best. I wanted to create something that people could relate to... Something that would let people know that they weren't the only ones going through whatever they're going through. I wanted to teach, I wanted to inspire.

And I feel as if I've accomplished these goals, especially since I've received nothing but positive feedback about the project. I also wanted everyone to know that I could actually rap and produce better than the Average Joe at just 17 years old. Most artists my age aren't lyrically close to what I'm accomplishing and the majority of people who have listened to A Peer Amid are surprised by how good the project is once they find out how old I am. It really is an amazing feeling to know that people appreciate what I'm doing, I honestly didn't know how they'd respond to the album.

What inspires you to create music?

Music in general changed my life for the better. I've been exposed to different outlooks of life because of music. Ab-Soul actually inspired me to do some research about the pineal gland and I've been intrigued by it ever since. Creating music is a way for me to genuinely express how I feel. I'm typically a depressed individual, to be completely honest with you. Not about to go into detail about anything, though. Not in an interview. Let's just say I feel like the only positive things in my life right now are my music and my girlfriend. I'd be so lost without the two... But on another note, I create music for people like me. And I know for a fact that they need the help because I need it myself.

You are a relatively young artist, how do you juggle life goals and music business education?

I'm currently a senior in High School, graduating in early June. And I work at McDonald's. So it's difficult to balance everything. I'm attending UNC Charlotte in the Fall, so I'm looking forward to that. I plan on majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Communications.

But it's nerve-wrecking right now because I don't even know how much financial aid I'm going to receive and I won't find out until sometime in June. As far as music, I'm doing the best I can with promotion. Not only for myself, but also for this collective I'm a part of, Open Wave Dynasty. I currently have a business plan set up to where music will work out for me, signed or unsigned. Just wait on it.

Do young artists such as yourself need blog coverage?

Blog coverage is EVERYTHING. I've lost count of how many blogs I've submitted to and I haven't gotten a post from any of them except for Push The Arts... They didn't give me any kind of description, though. But hey, it's a post. Any form of exposure is great for young artists such as myself and I'm hoping to get more coverage, preferably soon.


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