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Olivia Gilmore Shares her Musical Style & her Joy for Singing

For those that do not know you, describe your musical style in two sentences or less?

My music style is, heartfelt, soulful & real.

Listening to your music I found that you are very seasoned and possess a great voice. Would you mind sharing how your upbringing shaped your musical journey?

Thank you! I grew up listening to all types of music, Gospel, 90's R&B, Jazz, salsa, pop, hip-hop, classical... Man I was exposed to literally EVERYTHING and I found beauty in all of it!

I began singing at an early age, with a great deal of encouragement and inspiration from my dad who had an in-house studio, and also spent a lot of time singing in church where my mom directed the children's choir and everyone in my family played an instrument, this really helped me to search for my own sound and also begin to cultivate & develop what God has placed in me.

Hip-hop has a ton of outlets and medias for artists but R&B not so much. The coverage that you have been able to attain is impressive. What is the key to your press release strategy?

Make it personal! I don't do press releases, I send out individual tailored emails. Also I've found that the best way to make it personal is to first familiarize yourself with the blog/magazine/radio brand.

Do you have a daily writing regiment? How do you find the time to perfect your craft?

No, in fact I don't even write consistently, I just let the art flow through me as it comes! You cannot force perfection, however, I do practice often. Fortunately, I'm blessed to be able to survive without a 9-5 so I can really sing almost anytime I want.

Do you still get butterflies in your stomach when you perform?

Yes, and no matter how much I rehearse or how long I do this, I think I always will. Lol


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