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Mo Micz: 'The internet breaks boundaries'

Would you mind sharing details of your upbringing with us? How did it mold you as an artist?

I was raised in the Netherlands, in a place approx. an hour from "Amsterdam", called Zwolle. Im from '85 and in this part of the country hiphop wasn't really thriving the way it is nowadays, which makes that I kinda was a loner being a fan of hiphop.

Both my parents were big music fanatics and my dad was a hi-fi audio analyst, keeping himself busy with the construction of speaker tubes etc.

They thought me a great deal of quality music with WIDE musical influences from Genesis to Buena Vista Social Club ha!

I guess it made me the versatile artist with a wide taste that I am today. I was always in my own zone, writing, playing with music while the other kids was playing soccer.

Your website is very clean. The layout and navigation is easy on the eyes. Why is it important for artists to have their own website?

It's your modern day business card man, social media presence is more important than ever now. It can be overwhelming for fans to find all the info about you they need.

Plus think of the benefits of a website, you can set up shop there for your merchandise, have a mailing list, track where your fans come from. It's home base, everything about you should be found there.

You have garnered some attention here in the States with your musical efforts. Describe how the internet has helped you connect with press and fans here in the States.

The internet breaks boundaries, Twitter gets you Retweets from your favorite celebs, timing is still key and building a personal network is very important. Everybody's making music nowadays and calling themselves an artist, how are you going to stand out? If not with your musical product, there are more ways. Making a connection is one of them.

I'm far far far from there yet tho, I still need the 'greater' blogs to push my product! Come find me!

I also noticed that you have some videos on your site. Can you explain the importance of visual content?

You can not have a musical career WITHOUT at least one really decent video I think. You get to express your artistic creativity, everyone is on YouTube.

Video's are how you want to present yourself. It enhances the song by a million times, take movie soundtracks for example during the intro of an film. Powerful huh?

Who will win the World Cup?

Man...I should probably say, The Netherlands but we all know in this World Cup, chances are minimal. I think Brazil will kick everybody's ass once again!


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