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Mauricio Serrano: 'The First Time I Stepped Into A Studio, I Was Overwhelmed'

What do you love about hip-hop?

The fact that someone thousands of miles across the country can give you those chills you get when you listen to a song that just hits you. its a beautiful thing. Hip-Hop is an art that can be deciphered into a million different ways. I may have an opinion about a certain song or artist that someone doesn't agree with but that's the best thing about it. There is no right or wrong, its just you and the music.

What is your favorite sports team?

It would have to be the '04 Detroit Pistons. Those starting 5 were the reason I fell in love with the game of basketball. They had so much chemistry to the point they didn't need an all star player to carry them to win those championships. They worked together to bring it home. Thats what I admired about them the most.

Describe the feeling associated with recording music. How does it make you feel when you finish a song?

I remember the first time I stepped in an official studio I was overwhelmed with different emotions but mostly I was very intimidated. Now it's such a great feeling to write a song and know exactly how you're going to attack it when you're in the studio. There is nothing like that feeling you get when you're listening back to it and its exactly how YOU wanted it. I become my biggest fan for a second. Just a second though.

Performing is a great way to get your name out. How important is performing for you?

Performing in my opinion would be if not already the most important thing right next to creating the material you make because there's so much that can come from it. Networking; you never know who's gonna be there when you're performing. You can link up with other artists and producers. Experience; You gain a lot more attention when you know what you're doing up there. Like how to keep the audience involved and how to keep voice under control for the duration of your set. The people take you more serious when you take yourself serious. Experimenting; Trying new things will always separate you from the average performer. By doing that, you plant the seed in the audience's mind. Even if its just one person that's more than enough for me to keep going with this.

Who are your favorite Houston hip-hop artists?

I'm hoping DJ Premier would count as a Houston based artist but if not i would say Scarface, Zro, & Trae. I'm a sucker for a good lyricist. I was actually born In Brooklyn and I moved to Houston around 8 years old. So I had to get used to the musical transition that went with it. I was used to boom pat and grimy piano samples then it switched up to slow and screwed up music. It definitely grew on me with out a doubt. But most of all I cant forget DJ Screw, his sound introduced to that style of music. I never knew i could head bop that slow to music. Rest in peace.


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