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Es-K Finds "Serenity" by releasing a New Album

Would you mind sharing the emotions involved in releasing an album?

The title of the album - Serenity - sets the tone for the project. I feel as though a common goal in many of us is the simple search for peace and happiness - We all reach it different ways and some of us don’t ever make it or lose the battle completely. The diversity of humanity and the different ways we deal with life are represented through the various features and songs. Needless to say, during the process of making the album I went through a huge spectrum of emotions.

Your album Serenity boasts some amazing collaborations. What did you want to accomplish with this album?

First and foremost I wanted to try and include not only my closest friends in music but some of those who I’ve been looking up too since my early days as a hiphop fan. Each feature is important and meaningful to the project because it was important for me to keep Serenity cohesive as a whole - regardless of the amount of artists involved.

Did you have specific artists in mind when you were conceptualizing the album?

The first track I completed was the title track. I had a very clear vision and direction for the album right away because I knew what I wanted the project to represent and because of that I had very specific artists in mind. Most importantly I’m a huge fan of everyone I featured on this project - whether its one of my closest friends or an established artists they are all people who inspire me and motivate me personally and musically.

A lot of indie artists struggle with marketing beyond an album's release date. What are some things that you have learned with this release?

I don’t know a whole lot about marketing to be honest with you - but an important thing I’ve learned is that building good relationships and having a good team of people behind you is priceless. The things I’ve accomplished with this release would have never been possible if I didn’t have the support of my friends and family, music related and otherwise. Always keep in mind relationships are two way streets - building a solid team means putting effort in for your fellow teammates too!


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