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Eli Tws Talks about Creating Music & his Latest Single "Centurion"

What motivates Eli Tws to create music?

What motivates me to create music is the ability to shift moods and portrait stories. The aspect of being aloud to create freely with no boundaries is essential in my over all progression as not only an artist but a person as well.

Let's talk about "CENTURION," you shine over Jazzy production from JAZZSCAPEZ (RIP). What were you trying to accomplish with "CENTURION"?

With "CENTURION" I was trying to accomplish two things. First off I want to keep JAZZSCAPEZ's (Eric Stafford) name alive and let people know that just because he is gone it does not mean he should be forgotten because he blessed the world with incredible Hip-Hop. Second I wanted to help promote my homie's clothing brand named "CENTURION'' Dropping soon.

Trife Tribe consists of...

Trife Tribe is a six man faction comprised of three lyricists two clothing designers and one model hailing out of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Are you currently working on a project?

I am currently working on a couple projects at the moment which should be dropping sometime around the summer. I can't really speak on them that much but they will be classics for sure.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for my Lyricism and ability to change lives with my music.


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