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DJBooth.net's Guide to Social Media Promotion

DJBooth has evolved over the years yet one thing has remained consistent, the focus on music. What is the key to your site's consistency?

We follow a quality over quantity methodology. We believe that, when it comes to music, less is more. Instead of throwing 30-40 posts up on our homepage per day, we'd rather give our audience 15-20 quality features. This way they know what to expect when they return the following day or later in the week to catch up. Our consistency is also highly attributable to our amazing staff of editors, writers and new music scouts. A great team means that we can always publish top shelf content on a daily basis.

DJBooth in my humble opinion, has the best group of music writers that I have ever encountered. The accompanying text to a song should _____________?

It should illicit some emotion -- excitement, curiosity, joy, hate, etc... The purpose of a featured "blurb," as we call it, is to educate and entertain. The fact that most of our music staff has a background in music helps us do both seamlessly.

Recently you changed your music submission process. Has the change resulted in a better process in regards to listening to the music?

Our submissions portal, which we rolled out in 2013, has allowed us to listen to more music and quicker. The old Email process was dragging us down and we were ultimately always too far behind. On average, we receive four to six thousand song submissions per month. That doesn't account for albums, mixtapes, EPs, or any full bodies of work. Just individual records and video singles. There is an insane amount of music being recorded by the minute so, naturally, we needed to develop a more efficient system to filter through the garbage and get to the goods.

Your Tweets introducing songs are genius. Without giving away your secrets, when did you decide to be more descriptive with the tweets?

Generic template Tweets, as I like to call them, usually just include the name of the artist, the song title, a link and maybe a photo. This gets the point across to some fans just fine, but it does little to motivate the artist to spread the word with a ReTweet or to get causal music fans to click through. By getting creative we have been able to successfully achieve both. Being creative in only a small space is hard, but we are always up for the challenge!

Would you mind sharing 5 tips that will help artists promote better on Social Media?

1. Engage positively with websites, editors, bloggers and personalities. Their first interaction with you should be a response to something they've sent out.

2. Understand the different ways to speak to people on social media. Facebook interaction is way way different than Twitter interaction. Same with Google+ and Instagram.

3. Don't send spam links. This seems obvious, but I experience it every day times infinity.

4. Don't ever follow-to-unfollow. It might work at first to boost your social numbers, but the joke will be on you in the end.

5. Social media is a great resource and tool. Don't abuse the ability to get into direct contact with people. Respect must be employed at all times.


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