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Defizit: 'The Turntablist is Under Appreciated in Hip-Hop'

First and foremost, how does it feel to finally release your debut album Fresh Produce?

It feels great. It really does. The feeling you get seeing something that just started out as an idea, actually manifest itself into reality is indescribable. There were points during the making of the album where I wanted to give up and it feels great to see I actually created the album that what was in my head. I've been making beats/producing for eight years now. I didn't want to release my first "official" project until I really felt my music was where it needed to be. Wanted to make sure I came correct!

How long did it take you to finish Fresh Produce?

It took me about a year and 8 months from the time I started the project until it was released. I made a ton of beats for it and after I would make a keeper, I would picture the emcee I thought would sound great over it. I was lucky enough that everyone I reached out to was on board!

I really love the variety in regards to the features. What was your thought process in regards to the eclectic feature list?

My thought process was that I just wanted a list of emcees / artists that I actually enjoy and listen to! Every single artist on this project is someone I was a fan of before I even started really getting serious with my music. I wanted to make sure the artists were diverse to keep the album interesting to the listener. I also was sure I wanted the album to close with a female vocalist, and I think Elaine Lil'Bit Shepherd nailed it. I had never collaborated one on one with a singer like that before and that was one of my goals for the project. Basically once I had all the beats finished, I tried to get a feel for what kind of vibe the beat was giving. Once I figured out the type of vibe, I matched the beat with an emcee or style in my head that in my opinion would sound best over it. It's funny a lot of the times I send beats, the beat I like best is the beat the emcee likes the least! So it was nice to actually be able to dictate the sound and direction of everything for myself for once, lol.

I love the boom bap feel that Fresh Produce provides. There is a healthy inclusion of scratching on the project. Was this initial?

I had always told myself when I released my first project it needed to have scratching all over it. When I initially got into hip hop, I originally wanted to be a DJ. I actually got a set of beginner Numark turntables for Christmas one year and started getting into it, but I never progressed past a certain level. Even now, I can do some basic cuts but I really wanted pro's to shine on the album. The turntablist is under appreciated in hip hop in my opinion and I wanted to give them some shine!

What are you struggling with the most in regards to the promotion of the project?

I'm struggling most with doing it all myself, I'm not signed to a label or have any distribution so trying to be heard when the game is so saturated is a little difficult.

I'm hoping though that the music will speak for itself and the heads will hear it one way or another! Thanks for all the interesting questions and for giving me a chance to get my music heard! Peace


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