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ChicanGeorge talks "Post Game Show" & Struggling with Marketing and Promotion

What is the concept for Post Game Show?

Post Game Show is the follow up to Souperbowl Sunday. Souperbowl Sunday was a concept album that was an analogy of living through ha football game. Post Game Show is what happens after you win the game (hence... "post game"). I was in a really dark place when I created this album, because it felt like I had no one in my corner and I had to prove myself all over again.

What song was the hardest to write?

"Homefield Advantage" was the hardest track to write. I had to reveal how my family, friends and even church members (at the time) only saw me as "where I was, rather than where I was going." It was therapeutic and it was cool having my grandmother in the video.

Do you approach your songs with a cinematic theme in mind?

I always have an cinematic/conceptual thought process with my music. The track listing can literally play out as a movie in my mind, when I develop projects.

What do you struggle with the most in regards to marketing and promotion?

Finances is 50% and not having a commercial sound is the other 50%. Finances is an everyday struggle that artists can overcome, but marketing myself is a little harder. Everyone isn't always trying to listen to conceptual tracks all the time. LOL!


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