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All In A Days Work: 'Blogging Is An Extension of Me'

What made you create All In a Days Work?

I created All In a Days Work as a means to help drive promotion that I was doing for artists I knew at the time. This all started back in 2008/2009 in those Myspace days, where I was helping out new artists I discovered (people like Chance Jolivette, Van Solo, Jon Henry & Le GemDior); by sharing their songs on my own page, and then helping them create new fan pages and help with editing artworks etc.

This then lead on to YouTube promotion with audio videos, and then the norm social Media shares and so on. And then, on New Years Day 2011, I decided that I needed a central place that I could use as a hub for my promotions and so All In a Days Work / thatkiddfromldn was born.

Looking back on it those first interactions I made, there were incredible. As I was able to build on them and start my 'aBoyCalledMatt Presents:' compilation mixtape series, where I could get new dope music first and then share with free songs from label signees for people to download. I loved doing this as I have like 16 tapes to my name haha. I've even managed to get a few of the different artists I promoted working together on songs (Chance Jolivette, Van Solo & Jon Henry = Dream Team). Like these dudes had never met but were rapping together.

So I look back at those early days with great profoundness.

What type of content do you post?

In all honesty? Not one set genre of music, a little bit of everything. I mean yeah there's a lot of hip-hop on my website (be it in the form of videos, singles, mixtapes etc.); but I also post a lot of rnb music, along with some alternative rock stuff too. It all comes down to what I like the sound of.

Along with music I am a bit of a gamer and a comic book fan-boy haha. I've been known for sharing movie trailers and news on upcoming films and games coming out, and I like doing it. Its just like I said, I share what I like. All In a Days Work started out as a blog for me and my interests. It's an extension of me. I'm glad that I've been able to get the peoples attention who share the same interests as me. Let's me know people like what I do.

Bloggers are known to have emails full of submissions. What tactics do you use to tackle your inbox?

Haha the infamous submission emails. Personally I DO open, read and look through every single email I get sent. I want to be seen as to be giving new artists a fair shout, and I try to do that.

- I HATE newsletters and have started to just delete and unsubsrcibe for all newsletters I get sent.
- I don't read an email if I see more than my email address in the address bar: If I see an email addressed to 100+ other bloggers then I just delete it and move on. This is because that individual / marketing agency isn't too concerned about being on my website, rather, be on as many as possible.

I think that's it. As long as the submission is addressed to me, and I like the music, then i'll post it and we're cool.

I also notice that you like to post movie related content. In what ways can recording artists learn from Cinema companies?

I've noticed that promotions of movies and albums take two very different approaches. Albums tend to be secretive thing and then a fuck load of information in the space of 3-6 month marketing campaign. Were as movie interest start as early as 2 years before a film ever comes out - i.e. Batman vs Superman (2016). These are two very different approaches, mainly because movies take longer to shoot and put together, when, potentially, an artist could record an album/mixtape in a week-10 days so on.

Artists could maybe look at movie marketing with things to utilise like early estimate release date (coming summer 2014). Then concept art (like the release of early movie posters). Things like announcement of album features and producers (like movie announcements for the stars and directors). Maybe announce when recording begins (like when a movie production starts). - Anything to build up a little bit of interest.

You know things like that, "on set" / studio photos. Album trailer (like a movie trailer). Now nothing too extravagant, just something better than recording in silence, then putting a mixtape out in one tweet and then getting pissed at the world because no one download your album and made you famous.

What summer movie release are you anticipating the most?

Pretty much all the movies I wanted to see this year have already come and gone. You know I'm a comic fan boy so I've seen: Captain America 2, The Amazing Spider-man 2, Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past. But I do try to broaden my movie list, but nothing out at the moment is catching my fancy.

Upcoming films I am looking forward to:

- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Intersteller
- The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
- 300: Rise of an Empire
- Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones
- Transformers: Age of Extinction
- 22 Jump Street


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