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P.A.T. Junior: An Artist Who Writes From The Heart

You recently released "Just Because (Uno)," what were you trying to accomplish with this song?

The "Just Because" single series/Just Because (Uno) was actually an accident. Ha! Last year, I wrote a lot of material and this year I realized I had some really great content to turn into a project. Nevertheless, I'm learning as an artist that when creating a concept for a project and picking written songs to put on a project, not all of your written material is pristine work for an structured LP or EP. I went into the studio, recorded the track and it came out dope. But afterwards told my DJ/Engineer, "Yo, this isn't gonna fit."

But I couldn't just let this good content just sit around. So in the midst of rebranding and refocusing myself as and artist I literally thought, "What the heck. I'm gonna to start putting out singles Just Because. No clear concept, no title for the song; just write and record what's been on my heart as of late, put it out and let the people give interpretation." Its almost like when people see abstract art in a museum and they give their interpretation of what they think the piece means. Of course there's the obvious: shapes, gender, color etc. but I really want people to look beyond titles and bars and listen to my human nature, thoughts, failures, successes and whatever else is hidden in me.

Before we move on, what causes artists to shed the Christian label from their music?

Honestly, everybody's reason is different and its not my place to say what their reasons are but I can give you mine. Yes, I am a Christian but just as Lecrae so beautifully said, "My genre is not my faith." I think there are some Christians who have taken the label and placed it on certain artists because of the artists' content is explicitly Gospel. Then, there are some Christians who have taken the label and placed it on certain artists to "keep them from the world" like, "naw you heathens, ya'll can't have this artist. He/she raps for Jesus." And what happens is Christians who create feel obligated to write about certain topics, keep Jesus in their bars and/or make sure you're proclaiming the Gospel in your music so that you can be accepted by the fellow brethren.

Then you have guys like me will "go against the grain", overlook what's expected of people and just write what God puts on my heart. I want to make good music that everyone can listen to and still keep my convictions. Look at Pharrell, I'm not sure if he's a Christian but his song "Happy" touched the WORLD in positive way. That's what I want to do.

You are a triple threat who makes beats, rhymes and creates videos. Which one of these creative outlets do you enjoy the most?

You know when I first read the question, I wasn't sure but now I know I love writing more than the other two. I was introduced to Hip-Hop/Rap & Poetry by my mother. I grew up listening to all kinds of music but when came to Hip-Hop, my mom introduced me to Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Common, Lauren Hill and more. My writing fuels me to write scripts and shoot my own short films. My writing fuels me to produce various textures of tracks for myself and other artists who may like my sound.

The process of releasing music is a cathartic process for a lot of artists. Describe the emotions associated with releasing a song or project.

Crazy. I just came to place in this journey where I feel: a hint of being nervous/really excited/with a conclusion of "It is what it is." Of course every artist wants his or her work to be accepted, they created it! Without blabbing about every emotion and thought that goes into this process, I'll just say this: I'm going to put my blood, sweat and tears into creating the best pieces of art for the world to see. I'm going to seek all the various avenues to promote my work and rock as many shows as I can to get my work out there. Those who chose to look and listen, thank you. Those who don't like it, cool. Ultimately, the outcome of my artistry isn't in my hands.

What do you have on tap for the rest of 2014?

So, as I said before, I have a LP slated to be released later this year. Its currently in the mixing process and is coming along well. Its not my debut album but it is album length. Without revealing too much of my master plan to make this "script" work, just stay tuned to my website and social media in the next couple of months to see how this piece is going to come together. I'm going to reveal everything soon.


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