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An Insider's Secret To Hip Hop Blog Coverage

Let me share something with you right quick. It is not your music.

Your music is a link within the email.

In order to truly captivate someone's attention you need to hook them. You need to get their attention first.

How do you get someone's attention when you are dealing with obscurity?

The subject line of the email, the person sending the email and the people on the track play a huge role in the recipient's response.

Descriptive subject lines work!

Bloggers love receiving songs from people that have a track record of pitching quality material. PR firms, publicists, music journalists and even artists become blog favorites by sending exclusive material.

Artists that bloggers already post and producers with name recognition stand out.

At the end of the day you want to be given a chance. Sometimes outsourcing the blog submission process will ease the process.

11 People that will help your music get noticed:

If you are an artist that is frustrated with the submission process, outsource the process.

Your music deserves to be heard.

Have you ever outsourced the blog submission process? Share your thoughts below.


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