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3 Networking Tips for the Relocated Recording Artist

You spent years building a fanbase for your music.

Your promo is on point. Your social media campaign is strategic and calculated.

Your merchandise always sells out. You truly control your own destiny.

Then you receive word from a family member about the health of your parents.

Do you, stay where you currently are or do you move closer to assist your parents?

When life strikes you have no choice but to react and usually reaction means packing up and moving.

Your music career is an afterthought at this time.

A few months go by and the situation is better. Suddenly you start feeling the itch to make music again, but you are faced with a dilemma, you do not know anyone.

Below I will detail 3 networking tips for recording artists on the move.

1. Reach out to Industry Tastemakers

When you are the new kid in town it is wise to research the area. Find out who the promoters are, find out who are the top artists in the area, find out who makes beats, etc and contact them.

Research the area with precision.

Contact tastemakers and let them know that you are new in the area. Learn from them, ask them questions. Set up meetings with these people.

2. Have Face-To-Face Meetings

There is nothing like face to face interaction. Face to face interaction gives you the opportunity to discuss things. You can also gain a friend. Knowing something that is familiar with the area with help you navigate the scene better.

3. Spread Your Ideas

You have built your confidence up after the face to face interaction. Time to spread ideas and share what is on your mind. Share what you learned in your previous destination.

Be a resource as opposed to a know it all.

Establishing a fanbase in a new location is very difficult. If you take the time to reach out and establish relationships with people the process will be a lot easier.

Have you recently moved to a new location? Do you have additional networking tips that will help out the masses? Please share your thoughts below.


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