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Making Music on a Budget [Infographic]

You've rocked the mic at shows, wowed the crowds and gained fans. Now the fans are hungry for more and can’t wait for you to release music they can get their hands on and/or into their iPods.

You want to give them what they want, but when you sit back and think about the costs that goes into recording and releasing an album, you feel a bit overwhelmed. There's a slew of bills and financial obligations coming at you from what feels like every angle. So you wonder…"how am I going to make this work?"

You are not alone and it is something you can accomplish with patience and the right planning. Don't stress, many of us are far from waking up in luxury cars and popping expensive bottles of commonly mispronounced beverages. We need to be thrifty in our approach to create quality music. Here are some simple tips to make the process of budgeting for your project a less daunting task and easily attainable.


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