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5 Ways To Build Your YouTube Following (@delahayetv Interview)

Obscurity prevents a lot of artists from reaching their full potential.

There is nothing worse than being a no-name in an over saturated market.

Artists should strive towards ways to increase their exposure.

Artists should also gravitate towards establishing co-marketing alliances with bigger brands to extend their reach.

How should artists achieve this?

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to interview an upstart video production company called DLHTV. Visual or Video marketing is huge right now due to the technological boom and the accessibility of mobile devices.

This UK based company focuses solely on helping underground artists get noticed via their growing YouTube channel. In the interview you will learn about the origin of DLHTV, the platform that it provides, the importance of sound and more. DLHTV will also share 5 ways to build your youtube following.

First and foremost, what inspired you to create DLHTV?

It was natural progression from my love of hip hop and urban music. I wanted to help new and up-and-coming underground artists get noticed.

I love the platform that you have provided for UK artists. How does De La Haye typically reach out to artists? Do they contact you first?

Initially it was a struggle to find talent and I had to get the name out there. I approached artists and made freestyles and videos for them for virtually no money. Now-a-days I'm getting hit up all the time to produce videos, promos etc. Artists contact me directly and if I think that they're interesting to our audience I'll get involved. The DLHTV channel and website is our platform, calling card and showcase - it also has direct contact details for artists to get in touch.

I really gravitated to your videography expertise. I love the multi-cam approach that you utilize. How influential has cinematography been to your career as a videographer?

I was bought up during a revolution in Television and music video production. I was influenced by the shows where you didn't need a £50,000 - 16mm camera to make a broadcast quality video. Of course I like the production values of the big Hollywood set pieces but I was influenced more by the free form approach of shows like 'Jack Ass' and early skate videos - You grab a camera and see what happens.

Are you self-taught?

Yes I am.

I noticed recently that you are started to shoot music videos. Can you describe a typical video shoot with DLHTV?

We like to keep it informal with a minimal crew, keep the artist relaxed and have some fun. There's normally one camera but sometimes two with all the required rigs, we turn up, turn on the playback and catch the moment. Obviously we'll try a number of things and if the artist has any specific plan we'll work to that too. Basically I find the best results come from creating on the go and catching what's natural.

Would you mind detailing the differences between the Voodoo Collective, Meet the Elite, and your other spinoffs?

The Voodoo Collective are a performance group which I help promote. Meet the Elite was just a series of freestyles we shot off the back of the Elite League videos and live cyphers. I work a lot with Idiot Village and Legionnaires who are London based and we co-promote as a movement. I also have a recording deal with Lefty for the Leftside Story album and promote Rhymeskeemz a huge local talent. I also have a co-promote deal with Knowledge is Power promotions under the DelaHaye TV presents label.

Another original idea that you are using is recording the Beat Box Freestyle. Explain how important recording sound is to capturing this phenomenal talent.

We invested heavily in sound equipment prior to going big into freestyle - sound is vastly important as these are shot quickly and often in one take.

Do you have plans to extend your platform internationally?

Yes - We're looking for US artists to promote in the UK. Reaching out to the Russian market and always open to exploring new markets if there is a following.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

The website has a contact us button and I see all the emails. I also monitor the Twitter and FaceBook feeds (Twitter @delahayetv and FaceBook.com/delahayetv).

Can you detail 5 ways artists can build their following using YouTube?

1. Get your video onto DelahayeTV!

2. Build subscribers by pushing your channel at live gigs.

3. Social network like crazy!

4. Look for the influencers in the market and get them to recognize you.

5. Keep reminding people you are there and never give up.

Have you tried to partner with YouTube channels to build your following? How has the response been? Share your response below.


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