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How Detailed Subject Lines Increases The Success Of Your Music Blog Submissions

I remember starting my recording journey 12 years ago.

I recorded in my parent's house and I built a make shift studio that consisted of a mattress pad, an old Dell computer and a Shure SM58.

I remember the feelings associated with completing a song. I remember using Cool Edit and thinking that Peter Quistgard was a God.

Did you use Cool Edit?

I wanted to share everything that I recorded with my family and friends.

That excitement led me to post music online at Mp3.com and SoundClick. I thought I had truly made it!

As time progressed I started to get bored with the same routine. Record, upload to mp3.com and wait for people to check out my music.

Back then I did not care about shares or plays, I just focused on getting my content online.

Boredom set in and I accidentally found Rapmusic.com one day and I finally found a place that catered to my interests.

But at the end of the day I still wanted more...

My Introduction to Music Blogs

A few years went by and I started to grow tired of the same routine. I decided to conduct a Google Search one day hoping to find places that accepted music submissions.

Luckily I was exposed to Hip Hop Infinity, 2Dopeboyz, RockTheDub and other sites. I decided to overcome my fear and submit to these music blogs.

This was the beginning of my music blog journey. I started submitting my music to Hip-Hop Blogs and the rest is history.

Over the years I have experimented and failed. I have spammed inboxes. I have burnt bridges by running my mouth when blogs did not post my music. The lack of wisdom resulted in bad email etiquette.

Do you remember your first email submission?

Today I have a solid understanding. I now understand the importance of building relationships and how to craft email submissions that garner attention. I've learned how to use detailed subject lines that garner blog coverage and exposure.

My Secret Formula: Detailed Subject Lines

If you want a blog to feature your music you have to get their attention first. If you want to book a show, you have to capture the promoter's attention.

I learned this the hard way, detailed subject lines are very important.

What is a detailed subject line you ask? A detailed subject line describes the content within the email body.

If you have submitted music before then you might be familiar with this formula: Music Submission: [Artist Name] - [Title of the Song (produced by. X)]

The formula above works but it does not give the recipient all the details about what's inside the email. Bloggers know this is a music submission but what is the song about?

The formula above is used by everybody, the point of this post is to help you think outside the box and stand out.

Subject Line Examples

This information and blog post is useless without examples right?

I have provided some ideas to spice up your music submissions. I will use Supastition's recent release Honest Living to .

✔ Supastition releases introspective album 'Honest Living'
✔ Supastition Delivers a Mature Perspective on 'Honest Living'

Which one do you like better?

Why This Works: The simplicity makes it work. The recipient is informed about the artist, the mood of the project and the name of the project. This subject line also delivers a promise (introspective album for the first example and mature perspective for the second example).

✔ Supastition premiers first video from 'Honest Living'

Why This Works: Another simple format. The recipient is informed about the artists, the video and the name of the project. This subject line is also incomplete. When I read this subject line it intrigues me. I know that Supastition's project has 10 songs on it yet the email doesn't specify which song.

✔ NC Native, Supastition teams up with German Beatmaker, Croup for 'Honest Living'

Why This Works: This formula works because of location. You have to remember that music bloggers are not fixed to one location. You have domestic bloggers and international bloggers. Location breeds commonality.

✔ NC Native, Supastition is embarking on 20 City Promotional Tour. Would Love to Perform In Your City.

Why This Works: This subject line works because it is promoter centered. Location is provided as well.

These are just a few examples of detailed subject lines (simple ones at that).

You can keep your pitch simple or your can construct a complex pitch (an informed pitch would be the best though).

The first step in getting noticed is building a relationship. Refrain from submitting music until you have researched what blogs you would like to be featured on.

Focus on crafting subject lines that people want to read. You don't have to follow these 100%. I just want you to think of ways that you can stand out from your competition (other artists).

Why detailed subject lines work?

  • They are descriptive.
  • They help you stand out.
  • They can be personal.
  • They highlight your music.
Additional Resources That Will Improve Your Subject Line Crafting Ability

Here are some additional resources that will improve your subject line writing ability. You can thank me later haha.

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Understand that your email subject line is similar to a blog headline or Newspaper headline. I added some additional resources related to headline writing for musicians that blog consistently.

If you frequent this blog you will notice that I use a lot of list posts (thank you Copyblogger). Recently I have been enamored by the work of Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, James Clear and Henneke Duistermaat. So expect less list posts.

How To Write Magnetic Headlines
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How To Write A Write A Magnetic Headline (In Under 15 Minutes)
How To Write Award Winning Blog Headlines

You will achieve great things. Your music will receive the proper coverage it deserves.

I need to be honest with you. A lot of artists record good music. A lot of artists have connections that may speed up the submission process. But you are creative. You are truly a star.

Note: Your music is still your best marketing tool. Keep crafting good music. The ability to get others excited about your music is a skill in itself.

If you feel like writing detailed subject lines is too hard, consider hiring a publicist.

Continue to educate yourself and if you have any questions please email me.

Have you had success with your music submissions? Do you utilize detailed subject lines? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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