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5 Ways Recording Artists Can Use Smartphones to Reach Their Audience

Do you have a smartphone? Are you using your smartphone to stay engaged with your audience?

Technology has advanced at an alarming rate.

When I was younger, I wanted a beeper. When I got older, I craved a flip phone.

Do you remember beepers?

Today, you will find me with my iPhone. I use it for everything. Writing blog posts, writing rhymes, tweeting, Facebook, etc.

You can leverage technology and use it to your advantage.

I created this post to empower you to think outside the box. I want you to use your creativity to win the hearts of your fans.

You don't need an expensive DSLR to engage with your fans. You have to stop using this as an excuse.

A lack of resources should never be a barrier to connecting with your fans. Think about your fans.

Think about cultivating long lasting relationships. The information in this post will help you extend the reach of your posts on Facebook. This information will help you stay visible on YouTube.

This information will give you the power to personalize your tweets as well.

Below I have provided 5 Ways Recordings Artists Can Use Smartphones to Reach Their Audience.

1). Create Customized Videos for Your Fans

Why This Works: You are building a relationship with your fans that extends beyond a song. Cater to your fans, thank them for taking the time to listen or purchase your material.

People love to feel appreciated and this technique works. This technique also gives you the opportunity to let your guard down and talk about your life. Be Vulnerable! Be Transparent!

2). Take Pictures With Your Fans

Why This Works: You are building trust with this idea. You are giving your fans something that lasts a lifetime, a picture.

3). Share Studio Footage

Why This Works: This idea works because you are inviting fans into your world. You are giving them behind the scenes footage of the creative process. Your fans will appreciate this.

4). Share Your Talent With Your Fans

Why This Works: This idea works well if you pay attention to your audience. Ask your fanbase for ideas, gather the ideas and record videos.

You can ask your fanbase for topics, words, etc. Do an impromptu freestyle with topics from your fans.

Do a guitar solo or make a beat on the spot.

This idea also gives you a chance to share your talents OUTSIDE of your niche. If you are a talented chef, share cooking content with your fans. If you are an accomplished dancer, share your best dance moves.

You can also provide tips and offer feedback to other artists that look up to you. The possibilities are endless.

The goal is to cater to your fans and give them a reason to remain your fan.

5). Personalized Birthday Songs

Why This Works: Okay, people love to feel special on their day of birth. This idea gives you the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment with them. Refer to Idea 4 and really create some creative videos.

Be creative. Be caring. Be strong.

Your fans really matter. You can use free resources to stay engaged with your fanbase.

Remember that your smartphone is more than a device that you talk or text with. Stay engaged with your fans.

Stop letting Social Media conquer you, conquer Social Media (Tweet this Quote).

Have you tried to engage with your audience using your smartphone? What has the response been like? Please share in the comments.


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