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16 Best YouTube Channels For Kettlebell Training

My wife was pregnant and gained that dreaded Daddy weight.

My weight shot up 10 pounds, then 20 pounds, then 30 pounds, then 40 pounds. I let myself go day by day. Week by Week. Month by Month went past and I continued to gain weight.

To make things worse my son, Matthew, started walking. The only way I would be able to keep up with him was to get active.

I told my wife that I would start working out again when we moved to Florida.

So we moved and well I was still struggling to maintain my weight. I would constantly glance at the Kettlebells that I bought two years earlier and smirk. Every time I stubbed my toe on those darn kettlebells I was reminded of the grueling workouts that I did in the past.

I used them before in the past and shed 60 pounds two years earlier.

I celebrated my 32nd Birthday on January 7th (in Florida) and well I sluggish, lethargic and out of shape. I told my sister that I would start working out again if she bought a kettlebell (bad idea haha, the next day she bought one).

One day I was online and I stumbled upon a 30 Day Kettlebell Challenge and it changed the way I viewed Kettlebell training.

I decided to give it a go and my sisters joined me. We decided to embark on a Kettlebell journey that revolved around Kettlebell Swings for 30 Days. There are different variations to the Kettlebell Swing. You have two arm swings, one are swings, alternate swings, side swings, double swings, pivot swing and other variations.

We didn't work out for 30 days straight. We usually worked out 3 days straight and then took a rest day or we did 2 days on and 1 rest day.

I also tracked what I ate via MyFitnessPal. The journal helped me to understand where most of my calories were coming from. I learned that I was overeating in the afternoon so I decided to monitor my evening eating routine better.

We did the workout for a month and I lost 16 pounds during the first month. We decided to take it a step further and we will continue to work out. So far I have lost 16 pounds total (I will weigh myself again at the end of February). My goal is to lose 45-60 pounds before July and keep it off.

I decided to share my 16 favorite Kettlebell YouTube channels below. Kettlebell Complexes rock by the way! Steve Cotter and Steve Maxwell are awesome as well.

Bloom to Fit

Dalibor Petrinic

Fitness Blender
Funk Roberts

Killing It With Kettlebells (South Jersey)

Mike Mahler
Mike Stehle

Pat Flynn (Chronicles of Strength)

Rdella Training
Republic of Strength
Rise Above Strength
Ryan Miller
Ryan Shanahan

The TOUGH Spot

If I missed any channels, please add them in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Ron Lohse


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