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Promote Your Hip-Hop Music with @HipHopGoldenAge for $5

Imagine being able to promote your music on Twitter to a targeted niche. An organic niche.

Well HHGA is currently running a promotion where you can get your music, music blog, clothing line, video, etc posted on for $5 through Fiverr.

I still receive press releases from artists even though my direction has changed.

Most of the time I delete them because I really don't have the time to listen to songs like I used to. Plus like I stated my posting strategy has changed. I tend to post more research driven content now as opposed to singles and videos.

I love music yet the desire to search for the next best song was time consuming.

Check out the words from HHGA below.

I will post any Hip Hop content you provide on my Hip Hop account on Twitter with 180,000+ REAL (organically gained) followers.

HHGA has a highly active community of followers, with thousands of interactions (RTs, mentions etc.) a day. HHGA audience is located 60% in the USA, 20% in the UK and 20% around the rest of the world.

If you provide the link to your YouTube video, SoundCloud account, your mixtape, your website, your image or whatever you want to advertise - I will post it on the HipHopGoldenAge account within 48 hours.

HHGA can not guarantee or predict the number of hits, downloads, likes, etc. you will get - but if you're content is good, you WILL get the exposure you're looking for.

IMPORTANT: Only Real Hip Hop related material will be posted. I reserve the right to respectfully refuse content if I deem it irrelevant or unsuitable for the HHGA audience (posting content that doesn't match the HHGA audience is bad for you and HHGA both.

No spam, no offensive material, no schemes to sell followers, likes etc will be accepted - we're looking to promote REAL HIP HOP only.

Got some good Hip Hop music/content you want to get to a large Hip Hop audience? Hit me up!

I have been following HHGA's Twitter stream for some time now and actually interviewed HHGA back in August 2013. I have also been using Fiverr for some time and it is great.

Check out some of the examples below:

If you are interested in promoting your creative work on @HipHopGoldenAge's Twitter Stream check out the link below.

Post Your Music on HHGA's Twitter Account for $5


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