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The Ultimate Hip-Hop Record Label Directory

Twitter is an awesome place full of unique personalities. You have celebrities that tweet garbage, bloggers that captivate the masses and fake celebrities that think they are bigger than they really are.

There are Twitter streams for practically every niche. Love, motivational quotes, dogs, photography, etc. I tend to gravitate towards music, most specifically hip-hop music.

I put together this list post to show artists the multitude of options that they have. Some artists still want to be signed. Some want to go the independent route. This post is for those research savvy artists out there.

I always preach on my Twitter stream about the importance of DIY (Do It Yourself. Continue to put in work and your efforts will be noticed. Stay true to yourself and what you represent and you will build a movement. An organic movement that will anticipate your releases.

As you progress as an artist you will notice that you will captivate the attention of hip-hop blogs and record label owners.

Below you will find a comprehensive list post of Hip-Hop Record Labels that you should be following on Twitter. You will see some labels that you notice and some that you do not notice. Check out the list post below.

I utilized my Record Labels Twitter List to compile most of this list.

Actual Facts Rec
All Natural Inc.
Amalgam Digital
Asfalt Records

BabyGrande Records
Bad Taste Records
Big Bang Records
BlueBottle Records
Blunted Astronaut Records
Brake Fast Records
Brick Records

Chess Moves Cartel
Coalmine Records
Cold Busted Records
Collision Records
CTF Records
Cult Classic Records

Decon Records
Digi Crates Records
Doomtree Records
Dreamville Records
Duck Down Music
Dusted Wax Kingdom
Dusty Platter
Duzz Down San

Elefant Traks

Fake Four Inc.
FC Music Group
Feelin' Music
Full Ride Music
Funk Volume

Golden Era Records
Gummy Soul Records

HardJazz7 Music
Hiero Imperium
HiPNOTT Records
Humble Beast Records
HW&W Records

IceH2O Records
ILL Adrenaline
Illect Recordings
Infiltrate Music

Jakarta Records
Jamla Records

King Underground

Lamp Mode Recordings
Last Lyricists
Lunatick Records

Man Bites Dog Records
Mello Music Group
Mixed Bag Entertainment
Moleman Records
Mortier Music

Nature Sounds
No Cure Records

Obese Records
Odd Future Records

Pentalty Entertainment
Pit Stop Records


RBC Records
Reach Records
Redefinition Records
Reza Records
Rhymesayers Ent.

Shady Records
Six2Six Records
Solidarity Records
Soulspazm Records
Soundweight Records
Stones Throw Records
Strange Famous Records
Strange Music Inc.
Sub-Bombin Records
Syntax Records

Top Dawg Entertainment
Trendency Records
Tres Records
TWC Records
Ty Nikdy Label

Uncommon Records
Uni-Fi Records
Up Above Records

Vlaminal Entertainment

Weightless Records
World Around Records

Xist Music

Thank you for taking the time to read this list post.

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