The Ultimate R&B Music Blog Directory

This post was inspired by The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory post that I put together last year.

I was inspired to created this list due to requests on Twitter to make a R&B music directory. Now I have to admit I am a huge fan of R&B music yet I never thought about sharing these sites with the masses. I will also include huge YouTube channels as well.

I understand that a lot of my followers do not rap, some of them sing, some of them make chill music. I hope that you find this directory beneficial.

Artists: Improve your submission technique by reading 5 Tips for Getting More Blog Coverage.

I am not a R&B expert yet I do love conducting research! This list will be updated often (so please check back). Thank You!

A special thank you goes out to Olivia Gilmore for supplying additional R&B sites!

Amethyst Music News (AMN Mag)

Basement Soul Radio
The Boombox

Délicieuse Musique
Dj Booth
Doing Justice iShine
Dummy Mag


The Fader
Fierces Corner


Hearty Vibes
Hot Flows

Indie Shuffle

Known Unknown


Majestic Casual
Mellow Uploads



Rated R&B
RnB Music Blog

The SingersRoom
soSHel Eyes
Soul Culture
Soul Tracks
Soul Traxx Music
The Spotlight

The Next2Shine



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I put this post together for aspiring singers that well don't have music blogs to submit to. A lot of my Singing friends have to submit to Hip-Hop Blogs and most of them do not get posted.

I will work on adding an Experimental Directory and maybe a Chill Hop Directory in the future.

If this list is missing any sites please drop a link in the comment section and I will add it to the list!