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Skill and Coast to Coast Talent

I remember when music was more recognized for its talent before it became a business. Music was a piece of art, and there was no right or wrong way to look or sound. Has the entertainment industry separated itself? I remember I read a review by Gemini years ago, and he explained whatever and whoever was making the most noise, the industry followed, regardless if it was garbage or not, it had people banging heads, popping bottles, and it sure did make money. The image of music has changed over decades. I remember when I heard "Successful" by Trey Songz, I was surprised and shocked...is money, cars, clothes and ho*s really the main focus in the industry?

Today, you have Artists like Joey Bada$$ a conscious lyricists, that was less recognized, today, you find more of this genre of music. The potential has widen over the last two years. I have seen so much growth in the industry with versatile talent and natural creativity being recognized. The generation of music is slowly progressing in several ways and my advice is to keep pushing to better your skill. Talent is one thing, but skill will always be work, as a Artist you will keep mastering your skill, learn to master both and stay authentic to your sound.

Here are some artists with talent that are putting coast to coast listeners to work.

Cassow Goty - "$pazz" (Prod. Jaisu)
Download: Cassow GOTY - Cold Winter Mixtape
Booking Contact: Cassow@gmail.com

GOTY crew first caught me couple years ago. They have been active on the west coast, with a wide range of fan base and represent a trend setting style, a sound unlike many in Oregon and with tracks like "GOTii" it gives the listener a visual of what they induce. The GOTY crew has not failed to release a non-hitter, they give you slaps each time.

1- Hundred - "Piano G" (Prod. JT)
Download: 1-Hundred - Trickin & Trappin Mixtape
Booking Contact: renegademuzik9nation.com/1-hundred/

1-Hundred is a active Artist in Columbus, GA. You may have heard him on Alley Boy "Street Life" a hit single in the south. 1- Hundred lyrics are raw, and unique, he gives himself, pure, no gimmicks. The first time I heard 1-Hundred "Piano G" I re-played it several times, the producer on this track gave a clear sound of what 1- Hundred was trying to visualize and gave it his story. I applaud his work as he continues to bring more positivity in the streets.

KR - "Mental Thoughts."
Download: I$0lyf3 2.Mixtape
Booking Contact: KR.inquiries@gmail.com

I found KR on twitter, it was his network follow that caught my attention, I didnt give him a hear until I saw his movement. KR has a smooth vibe, and a creative way he exposes himself. I first heard "Mental thoughts." then quickly ran to "Issue" within the same release date. KR has IT, period.

Vinnie Dewayne - "Peaks and Valleys"
Download: Castaway Mixtape
Booking contact: Vdewaynemusic@gmail.com

"Peaks and Valleys" is a reflection of Vinnie's struggle on his project Album Castaway, he talks about his story, his trials and dreams."Peaks & Valleys is another term used for the highs & lows" Vinnie is currently in the works of his next project and has since dropped a new single.

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