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Hip-Hop Started Out In The Park

"Hip hop was set out in the dark
They used to do it out in the park"

These bars were presented by MC Shan on the 1985 classic "The Bridge".

These lyrics by MC Shan perfectly describe our trip to the park. My family recently moved to Florida and we are adjusting to life in the Sunshine State. Glad we left when we did (it is currently 10 degrees where I used to live).

We took Matthew to a local park and I happened to capture some of the images from the trip. This year I will be sharing more of my photography with you all in addition to my musical interests.

Matt's grandfather played soccer and he passed those genes to my lovely twin sisters who played in College and for Trinidad's National team. The photo below provides a small glimpse into the future. Will Matthew be a soccer star like his aunties or will he be an emcee like his Dad? This is the great thing about parenting. We do not have control over how our children will turn out but we can provide direction.

In this second picture I decided to photography Matthew playing with his favorite toys. Matthew is an easy subject due to his jovial temperament and his exploratory nature. I utilized a smaller aperture (f9) and a faster shutter speed to freeze motion (1/320). I kept the ISO low (200) and used back button focusing.

Matthew also loves to chew on his toys. In the image below you will find Matthew chewing on one of his favorite toys. Of course this is messy for me. I have to dry the toy and at times isolate Matthew's favorite toy from him. I used a Canon 50 f/1.4 lense for these shots on my Canon t3i.

Thank you for taking the time to view my other interest.


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