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19 Hip-Hop Bloggers Share When They Check Their Inbox

When do hip hop bloggers check their email? As an artist I know how difficult it is to find credible hip-hop blogs to submit your material to. I thought that I simplified the process by compiling over 400 hip-hop blogs for artists to submit their music to.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to write a blog post on this topic for Artistic Manifesto (Blog Basics: When Do Bloggers Check Their Email?).

I decided to revisit this topic and put together a better study. I decided to contact over 130 blogs to figure out posting habits. I asked them one question, When do you check your inbox for new music?

A lot of bloggers did not respond yet I am grateful for the ones that decided to respond. The responses are located below. Hopefully the feedback will help you improve your hip-hop blog submissions.

Question: When do you check your inbox for new music?

RocktheDub: Unless I'm sleep, I check it at least once an hour. I'm in front of a computer for eight hours a day, and then on my phone... at home.

ALLWEGOTISUS: ALLWEGOTISUS checks their email 7 days a week between the hours of 8am-1am EST. Any time between that is a pretty bad time, but I still check emails in my sleep.

EverydayDejaVu: I check my email once an hour from my phone and markdown emails I have to check later in my notes when I'm on a computer. The best time to email is from noon to late afternoon.

Hip-Hop Dependency: I check email throughout the day for new music so time is not relevant on my blog. I will often flag the message if it's during the day to listen to later in the evening at 6pm to 7pm usually. I rarely post music the same day as it's received because I like to listen to it completely and come up with my own commentary before I post.

Sundays are the best days for submissions because I am getting my week of posts initially set up then. Also, there aren't many submissions on that day and I can go through the inbox.

Tuesdays are the worst days because ALL the distributors are trying to come through the inbox. I probably get triple the email on Tuesday and smaller labels and independents get lost in the madness for at least a couple of days.

Happy: There's not best or worst days to be honest. We are slammed with submissions so do our very best to get to everything.

Happy has grown incredibly in the few months and we're just catching our breath from all the attention.

HipHopSince1987: Time: 12PM-3PM
Contact: http://hiphopsince1987.com/contact/ [ATTN: Q or Quinelle]
Worst Days To Submit: Friday-Sun

Definition Of Fresh: The one I have set up for my blogs I check daily due to the number of blogs I have, but depends on the volume of emails will determine when I can post their content.

808Crate: Yo. I check my email all day and night. Its the subject line and content that really matter.

Just emailing a link alone is wack.
A long ass story about your life and your idols and mentors is wack.

My mind checks for the following:
1) is it an artist I already know
2) is it an artist I have heard mentioned
3) is the song/video title worth a look.
4) is the artists name dope enough to check this email.

So in a nutshell, if u are new to the scene, a wack azz name like P.MoneyBalla will get u ignored. A wack azz song name like Ballin For Bitches, will get u ignored.

An email with an AGE in it is wack. To me it's just asking for attention. I don't have time for attention seekers.

As a Vet in the Hip Hop scene, it's all about the VIBE your email sends out. The true Headz will recognize DOPENESS.

Land Ground Under: I am writing you in regards to your e-mail questions for bloggers. My schedule is constantly changing, but on average I would say the best time for me to check my e-mail is mid day. The worst day for sending an e-mail would be Sunday, as it tends to be my weekly break from work. If you need any more information from me please feel free to contact me again.

IAS Lifestyles: We are Oklahoma college students, we check our email in the morning before class and in the afternoon after class.

ThatKiddfromLDN: I check my email everyday. If I like what I hear, I post it [for submissions].

Streets Connect: Feel free to include us in your list. Streets Connect generally checks at 10 am PT, 3 PM PT and 9 PM PT. But we have people watching all the time too.

Beattrotterz: You can submit music whenever you want, no specific days for us.

Elite Muzik: I check my email submissions throughout the day rather it be my phone or labtop. The amount is always insane lol so I make sure to listen to everthing so if its wack I delete or I don't like it its removed. Certain submissions are an automatic go if I know them of course, but I pay the most attention to emails with newer artist because I love hearing good music from up and coming artist.

Platform8470: - Mostly in the morning (9h CET) and in the evening (20h CET)
- Not so much in the weekend
- We would say tuesday is a bad day, because our mail box is choked then

Important for checking a mail is how the subject line attracts our attention, even more than the timing of reception.

As a matter of fact we're picking up more messages and @ replies through Twitter, because it's pretty much controllable and not overused yet.

Facebook is becoming a mess, you get so much (different) notifications, that one's mail could slip through the mazes

Grime Culture: I check my email all the time man, but I get a lot daily.

Da-What: I'll help out any way I can but there is no real better or worse time to email me. I really do try to listen to everything that is sent to me and that means that my inbox gets backed up until I set aside a few hours to listen. I can't say when the next time I will sit down to listen to submissions is but none of them will be deleted until then. I will say that submissions early in the week easily outnumber the weekend's.

HipHopNometry: We check submissions everyday from 9am - 11 pm, our worst days is usually Mondays! We post Domestic and International submissions.

Blackout Hip-Hop: Weekdays betweet noon and 6 PM are always best. Weekends are definitely the worst.

Str8OutDaDen: As far as your question, I check emails throughout the day. However the bulk of them I look at between 8am-9am and then again at 6pm-8pm.

Mandiie Martinez: Weekdays are great.

Solo Vibes-Music: As you are aware I'm basically the only one who runs my website and have a 9 to 5 but I check submissions every day. I'm usually very flexible when it comes to submissions. There may be times I may not post a new song within an hour depending on what is going at the moment as I attend other events, etc. Artists can submit submissions Mon thru Friday at any hour as I do have access to a computer via home & work. However, the worst days to submit material is during the weekends. I will accept submissions after 8pm on Sat and Sunday.

Death Chamberz Music: Do not send anything for posting on Thursdays or Fridays. Anything sent those two days will not be posted until Saturday. I try to check it daily but usually am not doing it on those days.

Goodtunes: For me there aren't specific days or hours to check my mails. I'll check some mails when I have the time to do so. It's more important how does the mail look like. Bloggers need information, so I'll delete email right away when there is just a link inside or anything similar. It's the same when I get two or more copies of the exact mail - immediately deletion. So it doesn't matter when artists send their music - it depends on "how" they send it.


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