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5 Characteristics of Successful Music Marketers

Your music is recorded and your album is finished now you are turning your attention to the actual marketing aspect of your album.

Marketing an album is very stressful. There are so many options available to artists. You have to ponder whether you want to create physical product or digital product. You also have to think about your video marketing strategy and your social media marketing strategy.

Some artists rely on a PR firm or a social media agency to devise a marketing campaign while others do it themselves. The key to becoming a successful music marketer revolves around having a plan. Here are five characteristics of successful music marketers.

1. They are passionate about what they do.

Successful music marketers are passionate about what they do. They are passionate about what they do because they love what they do. They love sharing music with the masses. Successful music marketers understand that they have a voice and an audience that wants to hear what they have to offer.

2. They set realistic goals.

Successful music marketers also set realistic goals. They set measurable goals. You want to set goals that you can reach with EFFORT. For example, if you know you have a small fanbase it may not be wise to set this type of goal: 20,000 downloads in 2 months.

I am not saying that you can not achieve that number I am just urging people to be realistic. You just have to come to grips that you might has to advertise like crazy to achieve that goal.

3. They take risks.

Successful music marketers take risks, they think outside the box. They are on top of trends because they are researchers of the game. They understand what works and what doesn't work.

They also value trial and error. They understand the power of releasing singles and they are not afraid of making mistakes.

4. They are creative.

Music marketers are very creative. They understand the value of interpersonal communication. They are receptive to ideas and their execution is flawless.

Creativity is pivotal to the success of a marketing campaign. This year we have been blessed with the marketing strategy behind Yeezus, the listening session approach from Born Sinner and Jay Z's genius marketing pact with Samsung.

Statik Selektah, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar and others showcased their genius this year as well. Nothing beats Papa John's pizza pact with Taylor Swift though. Great strategy!

5. They are never satisfied.

Successful music marketers are never satisfied, they always look for ways to get the music to the masses. You have to be relentless as a music marketer. There is a genre out there for your music. You just have to find the fans. Exhaust every option. If you are covered on the blogs then hit up radio stations. If you have hit up radio stations then work on touring.

There is so much you can do. Never become complacent or stagnant.


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