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Hip-Hop Blogs and YouTube Personalities That Might Review Your Hip-Hop Album

Hip-Hop album reviews provide a great way to extend the life of your album.

As an Indie artist you have to work a tad harder to get your album reviewed. I put together a comprehensive list of hip-hop blogs or YouTube personalities that MIGHT review your hip-hop album.

The key emphasis is on might. I found the sites that actual review Indie hip-hop are few and far between so I decided to focus on a few YouTube personalities.

I could have easily added Okayplayer, Pitchfork, Vibe, XXL, SPIN, etc yet I decided to focus on realistic opportunities. My comprehensive list of Hip-Hop Blogs will assist you if you are looking for blog coverage (for singles).

I decided to include YouTube Channels because of the ability to reach more people due to our mobile nature. I have been pondering the idea of reviewing material via YouTube or SoundCloud for about a year (I might revisit it next year haha). As an artist you have to think outside the box, a review from Dead End Hip Hop can possibly lead to more fans.



Chris McCormick

The Daily Guru
Dead End Hip Hop
Dj Booth.net

Hip Hop Dependency
Hip Hop Judge
Hip Hop Speakeasy


If You Can Relate

Jam The Hype (Christian Hip-Hop)

Kevin Nottingham


The Needle Drop

Paul Meara
Potholes In My Blog
Producers United

Rap Reviews
Rapzilla (Christian Hip-Hop)

Sputnik Music

U Call That Love (UCTL)
The Under-Cover Album Review

Where's My 40 Acres

Yet Another Hip-Hop Blog

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If this list is missing anybody please drop a link in the comment section and I will add it to the list!


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