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Brand Better, Budget Better, Network Better, Conduct Business Better

This picture quote focuses on branding, budgeting, networking and conducting business.

Branding is very important. Everything that you do, say, wear etc. is apart of your brand. Branding better refers to enhancing your brand beyond where it is today. Aim higher.

Independent artists are notoriously known for not having a budget (or for having a minimal budget). Your goal as an artist is to build your budget. Sell your material (merchandise, vinyl, digital, CDs, etc) once you build a following. Every cent helps!

Networking is another staple to longevity within the music industry. Networking better refers to taking the time to genuinely build relationships with people. Be professional and this will happen.

Conducting better business means you learn from your past business affairs. This time you are prepared. You have your contracts laid out. You make sure you dot your T's and I's and you are an opportunist.


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